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Tips:We list all the CD antigen protein which have been produced.

ANGPTL1 Protein DCN Protein IFNG Protein MIF Protein
ANGPTL2 Protein DKK1 Protein IFNW1 Protein MSTN Protein
ANGPTL4 Protein EGF Protein IFNL1 Protein NAMPT Protein
ANGPTL5 Protein EGFL6 Protein IFNL3 Protein NBL1 Protein
ANGPTL7 Protein EGFL7 Protein IGF1 Protein NOG Protein
BAMBI Protein EFNA1 Protein IGF2 Protein NTF3 Protein
BDNF Protein EFNA2 Protein IL1A Protein NRG1 Protein
BMP2 Protein EFNA3 Protein IL1B Protein NRG4 Protein
BMP4 Protein EFNA4 Protein IL1F10 Protein OSM Protein
BMP5 Protein EFNA5 Protein IL1RN Protein PDGFA Protein
BTC Protein EFNB1 Protein IL2 Protein PDGFB Protein
CCL1 Protein EFNB2 Protein IL3 Protein PDGFC Protein
CCL2 Protein EFNB2A Protein IL4 Protein PF4 Protein
CCL3 Protein EFNB3 Protein IL5 Protein PGF Protein
CCL4 Protein EREG Protein IL6 Protein PPBP Protein
CCL5 Protein FAM19A2 Protein IL7 Protein RARRES2 Protein
CCL6 Protein FAM19A4 Protein IL9 Protein RETN Protein
CCL7 Protein FAM3B Protein IL10 Protein SCG2 Protein
CCL8 Protein FAM3C Protein IL11 Protein SCGB1A1 Protein
CCL11 Protein FAM3D Protein IL12A Protein SCGB3A1 Protein
CCL12 Protein FASLG Protein IL12B Protein SERPINA12 Protein
CCL13 Protein FGF1 Protein IL27 Protein SERPINF1 Protein
CCL14 Protein FGF10 Protein IL12 Protein SMAD2 Protein
CCL15 Protein FGF12 Protein IL13 Protein SMAD3 Protein
CCL16 Protein FGF14 Protein IL15 Protein SMAD5 Protein
CCL17 Protein FGF16 Protein IL16 Protein SOST Protein
CCL18 Protein FGF17 Protein IL17A Protein TDGF1 Protein
CCL20 Protein FGF18 Protein IL17B Protein TGFB1 Protein
CCL21 Protein FGF19 Protein IL17F Protein TGFB2 Protein
CCL22 Protein FGF2 Protein IL18 Protein TGFA Protein
CCL23 Protein FGF21 Protein IL18BP Protein THPO Protein
CCL24 Protein FGF6 Protein IL19 Protein TMEFF1 Protein
CCL27 Protein FGF7 Protein IL20 Protein TNF Protein
CCL28 Protein FGF9 Protein IL21 Protein TNFSF10 Protein
CD40LG Protein FGFBP3 Protein IL22 Protein TNFSF11 Protein
CD70 Protein FIGF Protein IL23 Protein TNFSF12 Protein
CDNF Protein FST Protein IL24 Protein TNFSF13 Protein
CER1 Protein FSTL1 Protein IL27 Protein TNFSF13B Protein
CLCF1 Protein FSTL3 Protein IL31 Protein TNFSF14 Protein
CNTF Protein FLRT3 Protein IL32 Protein TNFSF15 Protein
CSF1 Protein FLT3LG Protein IL33 Protein TNFSF4 Protein
CSF2 Protein GDF10 Protein IL34 Protein TNFSF8 Protein
CSF3 Protein GDF15 Protein IL35 Protein TSLP Protein
CXCL1 Protein GDNF Protein IL36A Protein VEGFA Protein
CXCL2 Protein GREM1 Protein IL36B Protein VEGFB Protein
CXCL3 Protein GRN Protein IL36G Protein VEGFC Protein
CXCL5 Protein HBEGF Protein IL36RN Protein VSTM1 Protein
CXCL8 Protein IFNA1 Protein IL37 Protein VTN Protein
CXCL9 Protein IFNA2 Protein KITLG Protein XCL1 Protein
CXCL10 Protein IFNA4 Protein LGALS1 Protein XCL2 Protein


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