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        Carboxypeptidase B1 Background

        Carboxypeptidase B1, also well known as pancreatic procarboxypeptidase B (PCPB), is a highly pancreas -specific protein (PASP), and has been identified previously as a serum marker for acute pancreatitis and pancreatic graft rejection. As the prototype for those human exopeptidases that cleave off basic C-terminal residues, CPB1 specifically cleaves the C-terminal Arg and Lys residues with a preference for Arg. The B1 and B2 forms of procarboxypeptidase B differ from each other mainly in isoelectric point.The deduced amino acid sequence of PCPB predicts a 416-amino acid preproenzyme consisting of a 15-aa signal peptide, a 95-aa activation peptide and a 37-aa mature chain. The secreted PCPB zymogen is converted to enzymatically active CPB1 by limited proteolysis by trypsin.

        Carboxypeptidase B1 References

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