IL-18: A Link between Innate and Adaptive Immunity

IL-18 is a pleiotropic pro-inflammatory cytokine. It belongs to the IL-1 superfamily and participates in both innate and acquired immunity. IL-18 mediates host immunity by regulating IFN-γ production in synergy with IL-12. IL18 also amplifies the innate immune response by other cytokines, such as GM-CSFTNF-α, and IL-1β.

IL-18 activates downstream signal transduction in a similar fashion as IL-1β. IL18 binds with its receptor IL-18 receptor α. Following that, an accessory protein, IL-18Rβ, is recruited to the complex, and the downstream cellular signal is initiated. IL-18 signaling is negatively regulated by the secreted antagonist receptor IL-18BP.

Comparison between IL-18 and IL-1β

Cytokine IL-18 IL-1β
Receptor IL-18Rα IL-1R1
Receptor Accessory Protein IL-18Rβ / IL-18RAcP IL-1RAcP
Receptor Antagonist IL-18BP IL-1RA
Decoy Receptor IL-18BP IL-1R2

Recent studies have implicated IL-18 pathway in autoimmune diseases, metabolic disorders, and cancers. Sino Biological has developed a panel of recombinant IL-18 and IL-18 receptor protein reagents to facilitate the study of the biology of IL-18.

Recombinant IL-18 Proteins

Sino Biological has developed high bioactivity IL-18 proteins from multiple species. The activity of these proteins has been validated in IFN-γ induction experiments and binding assays against the IL-18 receptors.

10119-HNCE (Mature Form) 50073-MNCE (Mature Form)
Induce IFN Gamma Secretion Bind with IL-18Rα(Cat#: 50094-M38H

Recombinant IL-18 Receptors

IL-18 receptor complex is a heterodimer containing an α (IL-18Rα) chain responsible for extracellular binding of IL-18 and a nonbinding, signal-transducing β (IL-18Rβ / IL-18RAcP) chain.

Recombinant IL-18Rα
  His Tag Fc Tag
11102-H08H 11102-H02H
50094-M08H 50094-M38H
80191-R02H 80191-R08H
90121-C08H 90121-C02H
Recombinant IL-18Rβ
  His Tag Fc Tag
10176-H08H 10176-H02H
90122-C08H 90122-C02H
Note: H: Human; R: Rat; M: Mouse; C: Canine;
Rh: Rhesus

Recombinant IL-18 Antagonist

IL-18BP neutralizes IL18 activity by binding with IL18.

Recombinant Human IL-18BP
  His Tag Fc Tag
Isoform a 10357-H08H 10357-H02H
Recombinant Mouse IL-18BP
  His Tag

IL-18 Detection Elisa Antibody Pair

Sino Biological has developed high sensitivity ELISA pair sets for detection of IL-18.

Human IL-18 Matched ELISA Antibody Pair Set
Mouse IL-18 Matched ELISA Antibody Pair Set

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