IL-10 Family Cytokines:

Indispensable in Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases

The interleukin-10 (IL-10) family of cytokines includes 9 members, namely IL-10, IL-19, IL-20, IL-22, IL-24, IL-26, as well as the more distantly related family members IL-28A (IFN-λ2), IL-28B (IFN-λ3), and IL-29 (IFN-λ1), which are also known as type III interferons (IFNs). These cytokines exert indispensable functions in regulating immune responses during infection and inflammation. IL-10 is a potent anti-inflammatory immunosuppressive cytokine that mainly acts on leukocytes. Other family members preferentially target epithelial cells, where they elicit innate defense mechanisms to limit the damage caused by viral and bacterial infections. However, uncontrolled inflammation can result in some diseases, such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Sino Biological provides powerful tools for studying the biology of IL-10 family cytokines and it enalbes you to fully understand the mechanisms behind these diseases in physiological conditions.

List of IL-10 Family Members and Receptors

Cytokine Receptor Function
IL-10 IL-10RA, IL-10RB Immune repression
IL-19 IL-20RA, IL-20RB Antibacterial responses, tissue remodeling, wound healing
IL-20 IL-20RA, IL-22RA1, IL-20RB
IL-22 IL-22RA1, IL-10RB, IL-22BP
IL-26 IL-20RA, IL-10RB
IL-28A, IL-28B, IL-29 IL-28RA, IL-10RB Antiviral responses

Recombinant IL-10 Family Cytokines and Receptors

Sino Biological provides bioactive recombinant IL-10 family cytokines and receptors that cover different species. A variety of functional assays have been performed to assess the biological activity of the proteins.

  • Binding Assay

    Sus scrofa (Pig) IL-10 Protein (Cat#: 62000-WNAE)

    Immobilized sus scrofa (pig) IL-10 binds Rhesus IL10RA-hFc (Cat#: 90125-C02H).

  • Cytokine Secretion Assay

    Human IL-22 Protein (Cat#: 13059-HNAE)

    Human IL-22 induced IL-10 secretion in COLO 205 human colorectal adenocarcinoma cells.

  • Antiviral Assay

    Human IL-29 Protein (Cat#: 12339-HNAH)

    IL-29 antiviral effects on HepG2 cells infected with vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV).

  • Proliferation Assay

    Human IL-24 Protein (Cat#: 12265-H08H)

    Proliferation of BaF3 mouse pro-B cells transfected with human IL20 Rα and IL20 Rβ.

  • Inhibition Assay

    Rhesus IL10RA Protein (Cat#: 90125-C02H)

    Inhibits IL-10 dependent proliferation of MC/9 mouse mast cells.

  • Binding Assay

    Human IL-22BP Protein (Cat#: 11025-H08H)

    Immobilized IL22BP-His binds biotinylated IL22 (Cat#: 13059-HNAE).

More Recombinant IL-10 Family Cytokines and Receptors

  • IL-10: 10947-H07H
    (Binds Cynomolgus IL10RA-Fc)
  • IL-10: 50245-MNAE
    (Induces proliferation of MC/9 mouse mast cells)
  • IL-10: 67001-UNAE
    (Binds Cynomolgus IL10RA-Fc)
  • IL-19: 13089-H08B
    (Induces proliferation of BaF3 mouse pro-B cells)
  • IL-20: 13060-HNAE
    (Induces proliferation of BaF3 mouse pro-B cells)
  • IL-28A: 12340-H08Y
    (Antiviral effects on HepG2 cells infected with VSV)
  • IL-28B: 11890-H08H
    (Antiviral effects on WISH cells infected with VSV)
  • IL10RA: 10419-H08H
    (Inhibits IL-10 dependent proliferation of MC/9 mouse mast cells)
  • IL10RB: 10945-H03H
    (Binds human IL28B)
  • IL10RB: 50846-M08H
    (Binds biotinylated human IL28B-His)
  • IL22RA1: 70083-D08H
    (Binds biotinylated IL-22)
  • IFNAR2: 10359-H02H
    (Inhibits IFNβ mediated protection of WISH Human amnion cells infected with VSV to viral lysis)

Note: H: Human; M: Mouse; R: Rat; F: Feline; C: Canine.

Antibodies for IL-10 Family Research

Sino Biological has developed a panel of antibodies for various applications, covering ELISA, immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunofluorescence (IF), western blotting (WB) and flow cytometry (FCM).

  • Human IL20RA Antibody
    (Cat#: 10397-R024)

    Immunochemical staining of human IL20Ra in human skin.
  • Mouse IFNAR1 Antibody
    (Cat#: 50469-R110)

    Immunofluorescence staining of mouse IFNAR1 in mouse splenocytes.
  • Human IFNAR2 Antibody (PE)
    (Cat#: 10359-R122-P)

    Flow cytometric analysis of Human IFNAR2 expression on Jurkat cells.

More Antibody Resources

Note: H: Human; M: Mouse; P: Sus scrofa (Pig); Rh: Rhesus.

ELISA Detection of IL-10 Family Cytokines

ELISA is a well-established method that allows you to quantitatively detect the level of IL-10 family cytokines in different biological samples, such as serum, urine, plasma and cell supernatants. However, setting up your own ELISA could be very time-consuming, so choosing ready-to-use ELISA Kits is a better option.

  • Human IL-10 ELISA Kit
    Cat#: KIT10947A
    Sample: Cell supernatant
  • Human IL-19 ELISA Kit
    Cat#: KIT13089
    Sample: Serum, Cell supernatant
  • Human IL-20 ELISA Kit
    Cat#: KIT13060
    Sample: Cell supernatant
  • Human IL-22 ELISA Kit
    Cat#: KIT13059
    Sample: Serum, Urine, Plasma
  • Human IL-29 ELISA Kit
    Cat#: KIT12339
    Sample: Cell supernatant

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