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All ACSS3 reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 2 ACSS3 Antibody, 1 ACSS3 Gene, 1 ACSS3 IP Kit. All ACSS3 reagents are ready to use.

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    ACSS3 Background

    Acetyl-CoA short chain synthetases (ACSSs) are key enzymes in the activation of fatty acids through the formation of thioesters with CoA. Three subfamily members are currently recognized in the human genome, ACSS1, ACSS2 and ACSS3, all single copy genes. ACSS3 is poorly characterized. The acss3 transcripts are expressed in a wide range of tissues, with the highest levels observed in liver tissue followed by kidney tissue. Subcellular fractionation using liver tissue showed that ACSS3 is localized into the mitochondrial matrix. Advanced analyses found ACSS3 is prognosis biosignatures for multiple (gastric cancer)GCa disease conditions. which uncovered a higher expression of ACSS3 in tumor comparing to normal parental lesions, which implicates a targeting value for GCa therapy. While knockdown ACSS3 could suppress growth and invasion of GCa cells, of which even more impactful under starvation condition. Targeting ACSS3 could be a novel therapeutic strategy for cancer, in some case, GCa.

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