CAR-T Cell Therapy

Two landmark events occurred for CAR-T cell therapy in 2017: two anti-CD19 CAR-T cells were approved by FDA for the therapy of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and relapsed or refractory large B-cell lymphoma, respectively. From then, increasing number of researchers have been dedicated to CAR-T cell therapy research.
What is CAR-T cell therapy?It is a kind of cell immunotherapy featured by its distinct research procedures (depicted in Fig. 1): Peripheral blood is collected from the patient firstly. Then T cells are isolated and stimulated. The cells are cultured and expanded after genetically engineered to express chimeric antigen receptors (CARs), which can recognize a specific tumor associated antigen, such as CD19, BCMA and CD20. Finally, the CAR-T cells will go through quality control and are reinfused into the patient.
Sino Biological Inc. provides not only quality CAR-T cell therapy target proteins, but also varied research reagents for the whole process of CAR-T cell therapy, such as high-quality cytokines, T cell related FACS antibodies, T cell activation antibodies, cytokine ELISA kits, apoptosis detection kits, Sinofection tranfection reagents and Supernuclease.

CAR-T Cell Therapy Procedures
Fig. 1 CAR-T Cell Therapy Procedures

One-Stop Research Reagents for CAR-T Cell Therapy

Procedure Research reagents
T cell isolation and activation • T cell activation antibodies
T cell genetically engineering CAR-T cell therapy targets for biopanning
Sinofection tranfection reagents for lentiviral vectors transfection
Supernuclease for removing DNA impurities in the process of lentiviral vector amplification.
CAR-T cell expansion • High-quality cytokines for CAR-T cell culturing
CAR-T cell quality control and infusion into the body CAR-T cell therapy targets for detecting CAR+%
T cell related FACS antibodies
Cytokine ELISA kits
Annexin V/7-AAD apoptosis detection kits for cytotoxicity assay

CAR-T Cell Therapy Targets

Sino Biological Inc. have successfully developed over 6000 proteins, covering most of the investigational CAR-T cell therapy targets. We have developed biotinylated proteins and fluorescent labeled proteins to simplify your research procedures. The proteins with high purity and binding activity, have been validated in high-class citations. Therefore, CAR-T cell therapy target proteins in Sino Biological Inc. are the first choice for your scientific research. To view more about the CAR-T cell therapy targets.

Solid tumor targets

Hematologic cancer Targets

Other CAR-T Cell Therapy Related Research Reagents

High-quality cytokines for CAR-T cell expansion and culturing

T cell activation antibodies

Target Purity (by HPLC) Endotoxin (EU/mg) Cat. No.
Human CD3 (humanized OKT3) >95% <0.5 10977-H001
Human CD28 >95% <0.5 11524-H001

Cytokine ELISA kits to determine T cell function and cytokine storm

Annexin V/7-AAD Apoptosis Detection Kits for cytotoxicity assay


Sinofection tranfection reagents for lentiviral vectors transfection
Supernuclease for removing DNA impurities in the process of lentiviral vector amplification.

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