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Large-Scale Antibody Production Service: 100mg - 1000 mg/Mab

High-Throughput: 10-30 monoclonal antibodies at 100mg - 1000 mg scale per week
one of the largest pre-clinical antibody production capacities & throughput worldwide
Host Cells: HEK293 or CHO cell (please specify, cost for production in CHO cell is higher)
Technology: Recombinant technology, transient transfection, Serum-free cell culture
Stirred-tank cell culture bioreactors
Purification: Affinity protein A/G/L chromatography column purification
plus ion/caton exchange , SEC chromatography polishing steps as needed
Timeline: 5-8 weeks total from receiving gene sequence to antibody delivery
- 1-2 weeks for gene synthesis
- 1-2 weeks for vector construction and plasmid production
- 3-4 weeks for transient transfection, antibody purification, QC testing
Deliverable: 100 – 1000 mg purified antibodies (quantities to be specified by customer)
Quality Specification: >95% antibody purity by SDS page with standard order
- For GLP grade antibody production order, we can meet endotoxin level as low as
0.1 EU/mg and/or monomer purity as high as >99% if required. Specifications on
endotoxin level and monomer purity can affect cost and may add a couple of weeks
time for process development, polishing steps, and additional QC testing.
Antibody Types: human, mouse, rat, rabbit, canine, rhesus IgG antibodies
- We have experience in producing IgA, IgM, and IgE antibodies
Applications: in vitro testing, in vivo mouse, rat, dog, rabbit, and monkey studies
antibody developability study, formulation development and stability
Quotation: on-line request form or e-mail request to

Track Records & Key Facts

> 300 Staff
> 80 Bioreactors
> 30 Purification System
> 10,000 Mab Production
> 5000 Protein Bulks
> 5000 antibody development
1-100mg Mab Production in 3-6 weeks
1-10 g Mab Production in 6-8 weeks
Preferred CRO Partner for Multiple Top-10 Pharmas

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Features of Antibody Production Services at Sino Biological

  • Record Speed in Antibody Production
  • From Mab Sequence to Purified
  • 1-100 mg Mab in 3-6 weeks
  • 1-10 gram Mab in 6-8 weeks
  • GLP Grade Antibody Production
  • High Monomer Purity: up to 99%
  • Low Endotoxin Level: up to 0.05 EU/mg
  • Unmatched Experience in Antibody Production
  • >gt;10,000 Mab Production
  • Almost 100% success rate
Cutting-Edge Technology Unlimited Capacity Unbelievable Cost-Saving

Large-Scale Antibody Production Service Description

Key Features of Our Large-scale Antibody Production Service:

•Record Speed: 5-8 weeks from gene to purified antibody
•High-quality: can meet any quality specifications you require
•Highly reliable: almost 100% success rate for unmodified antibodies
•Totally risk-free : if we fail, you don't need to pay

Sino Biological's large-scale antibody production service is supported by state-of-the-art transient transfection platform technology that was developed with many years of antibody production process development and in-house production of over 10,000 recombinant antibodies at various scales. The accumulation of production experience on antibodies from different species, different antibody sub-classes, and different antibody subtypes allows us to offer the very best quality antibody production services for our customers worldwide.

Our unmatched antibody production capacity is supported by a couple of hundreds of well trained and highly experienced professional team and with hundreds of small cell culture flasks and over 80 stirred tank bioreactors at various scales. It is built in consideration of supporting antibody discovery and development projects all over the world with the intention to become a centralized antibody...... <Learn More>

Large-Scale Antibody Production Service Q & A

Q:What is the timeline?
A: The timeline for antibody production is 6-8 weeks.

Q: I want to send plasmids to Sino Biological. How do I do?
A: Please prepare plasmids according to the following protocol for keeping plasmid in FTA elute card (Whatman Cat. No.: WB120410, WB120401, WB120461) at room temperature.
HANDLING: Always wear gloves to avoid contamination of FTA Elute Cards.
1). Label the FTA Elute Card with the appropriate sample identification. Use one card for each biological sample.
2). Pipet the biological sample (40μl per 11 mm circle) onto the card in a concentric circular motion within the printed circle area slowly.
3). Samples applied to FTA Elute Cards are ready for immediate room temperature storage. Note: If samples are to be processed shortly after application on the FTA Elute Card, allow the sample to dry completely for at least 3 hours at room temperature prior to punching. To reduce drying time, spotted FTA Elute cards can be placed at 80° C for 15-20 minutes.

Q: What purity and concentration of the final product does Sino Biological usually provide?
A: The final purity and concentration differs from product to product according to client's final requirement.

Q: Can I have customized concentration and formulation?
A: Yes. Client could require customized final concentration and formulation according to downstream work. New proposals will be provided if there are any problems with the required concentration and formulation.

Q: Can I get the antibody expression vector as part of deliverable?
A: The antibody expression vector used in Sino is optimized and confidential. A commercial expression vector could be provided as part of ...... < Learn More>

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