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Antibody Humanization CRO Service

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Humanization of H7N9 Neutralizing Antibody in 2 Weeks

Record Speed: All Steps Completed in 2 Weeks
Antibody and Antigen Structure Simulation, Binding Epitope Predication Antibody Humanization 10 Humanized Mab:
Gen Synthesis
Vector Construction
Plasmid Production
10 Humanized Mab:
Transient Transfection, Purification
Affinity, Bioactivity
Six Humanized Antibody
Humanized H7N9 Antibodies Affinity: Kd = 0.1 nM

Antibody / Mab Humanization Service Description

Antibody Humanization Service Description

Mouse and rabbit antibody needs to be humanized to minimize its immunogenicity and improve its pharmacokinetics in vivo. The humanization technology was initially invented over 20 years ago and has been gradually improved and optimized over the last two decades both in academic and industrial research. Sino Biological has spent many years developing and optimizing antibody humanization. With the support of computer aided protein and antibody structure modeling, our antibody humanization process can be greatly simplified and the duration shortened significantly. Our powerful in house high-throughput antibody production capability further reduces the cycle time of antibody humanization.

Sino Biological's antibody humanization experience covers not only mouse antibody but also rabbit monoclonal antibody. Our record speed for antibody humanization ...... <Learn More>

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