Year End Promotion
Why When
To Support Academic Research 11.1.2020--12.15.2020
Who What
All scientists working at non-profit institutions (.edu, .gov, and .org users) will be eligible to participate in this event. All Sino Biological's catalog products (standard size only), excluding those relevant to coronavirus research, will be available at half-price.
Terms & Conditions:

1. Valid from 11/1/2020 to 12/15/2020.
2. Coronavirus research related products are excluded.
3. Cannot be combined with any other discount and/or promo code.
4. Only direct customers from US-based non-profit organizations are eligible.
5. Re-sellers are not eligible.
6. Sino Biological reserves the right to change or terminate the promotion at any time.

Contact Information:

Tel: +1-215-583-7898