Viral Antigen Sampler Program (VASP) for Infectious Disease Research

COVID-19 has sickened tens of millions of people around the world and disrupted the global economy in a way never seen before. This pandemic once again reminds us of how devastating a virus outbreak can be. There is an urgent need for the research community to further our understanding of pathogenic viruses.

It's Sino Biological's long-standing mission to support infectious disease research. Earlier this year, the company launched the world's largest recombinant viral antigen collection, ProVirTM, containing over 800 viral antigens from 350+ strains. These antigens are of particular interest to investigators, as they can be good biomarkers for diagnostics and targets for therapies.

To help promote infectious disease research, Sino Biological announces the launch of the Viral Antigen Sampler Program (VASP). The program aims to give investigators easy access to Sino Biological's antigen resource. The company hopes the free samplers can help the investigators to speed up their virus-related research programs.

How to Apply

Download the Viral Antigen Free Sample List, Identify the Cat# of the Product
Each investigator will be eligible to apply for up to 3 free samples from the ProVirTM collection.
Viral Antigen Free Sample List
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    Terms and Conditions

    • This program is valid from 9/7/2020 to 10/15/2020.
    • This program is only available to end-users in the USA. Re-sellers are not eligible.
    • Each research group can only apply once for up to 3 samples.
    • First-come-first-served while supplies last.
    • Sino Biological reserves the right to terminate this program at any time.

    Viral Antigen Bank