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Human EGF (10605-HNAE)
 Purity: >98% by SDS-PAGE Endotoxin: <0.02 EU/μg
 Bioactivity: 0.02-0.1 ng/mL Animal Free: YES
Recombinant Human EGF stimulates proliferation of Balb/c3T3 mouse embryonic fibroblasts
Mouse LIF (50756-MNAH)
 Purity: >98% by SDS-PAGE Endotoxin: <0.01 EU/μg
 Bioactivity: 0.1-0.5 ng/mL Animal Free: YES
Recombinant mouse LIF inhibits the proliferation of M1 mouse myeloid leukemia cells
Human TGF-β1 (10804-HNAC)
 Purity: >98% by HPLC Endotoxin: <0.1 EU/μg
 Bioactivity: 0.04-0.2 ng/mL Animal Free: YES
TGF-β1 inhibits cell proliferation of Mv-1-lu mink lung epithelial cells Human embryonic stem cell cultured with human TGF-β1
Human bFGF (10014-HNAE)
 Purity :>97% by SDS-PAGE Endotoxin: <0.01 EU/μg
 Bioactivity: 0.02-0.1 ng/mL Animal Free: YES
bFGF stimulates proliferation of Balb/c3T3 cells Human embryonic stem cell cultured with human bFGF

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Catalogue Molecule Name Size List price Promotion price
10573-HNAE FGF10 Human FGF10 / KGF2 Protein 1mg    
10015-HNAH CSF2 Human GM-CSF / CSF2 Protein 1mg    
10326-H08H HMGB1 Human HMGB1 / HMG1 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
10759-H08H MICB Human MICB Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
14890-HNAH LIF Human LIF Protein 1mg    
10381-H08C THPO Human Thrombopoietin / THPO / TPO Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
90010-CNAE IL1B Cynomolgus IL-1 beta / IL1B Protein 1mg    
10557-H08H VEGFD Human VEGF-D / VEGFD / FIGF Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
10128-HNCH IL1A Human IL-1 alpha / IL1A / IL1F1 Protein 1mg    
10636-H08H CX3CL1 Human Fractalkine / CX3CL1 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
10118-HNAE CXCL12 Human CXCL12 / SDF-1 Protein 1mg    
80082-RNAE IL10 Rat IL10 / Interleukin-10 Protein 1mg    
50025-MNAE CXCL12 Mouse CXCL12 / SDF-1 Protein 1mg    
10057-HNAE CCL1 Human I-309 / CCL1 / TCA-3 Protein 1mg    
10502-H08Y CCL18 Human CCL18 / PARC / MIP4 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
80020-R07H CSF2 Rat GM-CSF / CSF2 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
50155-MNAE CXCL9 Mouse CXCL9 / MIG / C-X-C motif chemokine 9 Protein 1mg    
80042-RNCE CXCL2 Rat CXCL2 / MIP-2 Protein 1mg    
10602-HNAE TNF Human TNF-alpha / TNFA Protein 1mg    
50349-MNAE TNF Mouse TNF-alpha / TNFA Protein 1mg    
10315-H07B FLT3LG Human FLT3L / Flt3 ligand / FLT3LG Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
10270-HNAE LTA Human TNF-beta / TNFSF1 / Lymphotoxin alpha Protein 1mg    
80045-RNAE TNF Rat TNF-alpha / TNFA Protein 1mg    
10098-HNAE CXCL8 Human IL-8 / CXCL8 Protein (aa 28-99) 1mg    
90018-CNAE TNF Cynomolgus / Rhesus TNF-alpha / TNFA / TNFSF1A / Cachectin Protein 1mg    
50340-M03H BTC Mouse BTC / Betacellulin Protein (His & Fc Tag) 1mg    
12192-HCCH BTC Human BTC / Betacellulin Protein 1mg    
13192-H01H PTH Human PTH / PTH1 / Parathyroid Hormone Protein (Fc Tag) 1mg    
13192-H09E PTH Human PTH / parathyroid hormone Protein (aa 32-65, GST Tag) 1mg    
51100-M08H1 SHH Mouse SHH / Sonic hedgehog Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
10001-H08H EGFR Human EGFR / HER1 / ErbB1 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
11066-HNAH VEGFA Human / Cynomolgus VEGF / VEGFA / VEGF165 Protein 1mg    
10398-H08H IL6R Human IL6R / CD126 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
10395-HNAE IL6 Human IL6 / Interleukin-6 Protein 1mg    
10463-HNAS HGF Human HGF / Hepatocyte Growth Factor Protein 1mg    
51112-MNAH CSF1 Mouse M-CSF / CSF-1 Protein 1mg    
12047-HNAE IL17A Human IL17 / IL17A Protein 1mg    
11846-HNAE IL4 Human IL4 / Interleukin-4 Protein 1mg    
10368-HNAE IL33 Human IL33 / Interleukin-33 / NF-HEV Protein 1mg    
10139-HNAE IL1B Human IL-1 beta / IL1B Protein 1mg    
10165-H08H IL2RA Human IL2Ra / CD25 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
11725-HNAS IFNG Human IFN-gamma / IFNG / γ-IFN Protein 1mg    
50101-MNAE IL1B Mouse IL-1 beta / IL1B Protein 1mg    
80116-RNAH TGFB1 Rat / Mouse TGF-beta 1 / TGFB1 Protein 1mg    
51084-MNAE IL4 Mouse IL4 / Interleukin-4 Protein 1mg    
10605-HNAE EGF Human EGF / Epidermal Growth Factor Protein 1mg    
50709-MNAH IFNG Mouse IFNG / Interferon Gamma Protein 1mg    
10426-HNAE BMP2 Human / Mouse / Rat / Rhesus / Canine BMP-2 / BMP2A Protein 1mg    
11792-HNAH CSF1 Human M-CSF / CSF-1 Protein 1mg    
10360-HNCE IL15 Human IL-15 / IL15 / Interleukin 15 Protein 1mg    
10584-HNAE IL21 Human Interleukin-21 / IL-21 Protein 1mg    
50159-MNAB VEGFA Mouse VEGFA / VEGF164 Protein 1mg    
10542-H08H VEGFC Human VEGF-C Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
10360-H07E IL15 Human IL-15 / IL15 / Interleukin 15 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
10170-H08H DKK1 Human DKK1 / Dkk-1 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
50636-M08H ADIPOQ Mouse Adiponectin / Acrp30 / ADIPOQ Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
15673-HNCE IL5 Human IL5 / Interleukin 5 Protein 1mg    
10561-HNCH GDNF Human GDNF Protein 1mg    
50137-MNAE IL21 Mouse IL21 / Interleukin 21 Protein 1mg    
10409-HNAE TNFSF10 Human TNFSF10 / TRAIL / APO-2L / CD253 Protein 1mg    
80006-RNAB VEGFA Rat VEGF164 / VEGFA Protein 1mg    
13833-HNAY IFNA2 Human Interferon alpha 2 / IFNA2 Protein 1mg    
10465-H08H TNFRSF10B Human TRAIL R2 / CD262 / TNFRSF10B Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
10013-HNAE FGF1 Human aFGF / FGF1 Protein 1mg    
80023-RNAE IL1B Rat IL-1 beta / IL1B Protein (mature form) 1mg    
51065-MNAE IL17A Mouse IL17 / IL17A Protein 1mg    
10911-H07E FGF21 Human FGF21 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
11858-HNAE IL3 Human IL3 / IL-3 Protein 1mg    
50421-M08H FGF21 Mouse FGF21 / Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
50487-M08B KITLG Mouse SCF / C-kit ligand Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
50037-M07E FGF2 Mouse bFGF / FGF2 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
10947-HNAE IL10 Human IL10 / Interleukin-10 Protein 1mg    
CT050-HNAH IL12A & IL12B Human IL12A & IL12B Heterodimer Protein 1mg    
10768-HNAE CXCL10 Human CXCL10 / Crg-2 Protein 1mg    
10236-H02H EPO Human Erythropoietin / EPO Protein (Fc Tag) 1mg    
10007-HNAH CSF3 Human G-CSF / CSF3 Protein (Isoform b) 1mg    
10485-H07E CCL20 Human CCL20 / MIP-3 alpha Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
11926-H08E CCL7 Human MCP-3 / CCL7 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
50368-M08B CCL2 Mouse CCL2 / MCP-1 / MCP1 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
50627-M07E CCL7 Mouse MCP-3 / CCL7 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
10353-H08H IFNW1 Human IFN omega 1 / IFNW1 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
50965-M01H TNFSF13 Mouse TNFSF13 Protein (Fc Tag) 1mg    
10616-H03H FGFR1 Human FGFR1 / CD331 Protein (His & Fc Tag) 1mg    
50437-MNAY IGF1 Mouse IGF1 / IGF-I / IGF-1 protein 1mg    
10334-H03H TNFRSF14 Human HVEM / TNFRSF14 Protein (His & Fc Tag) 1mg    
80076-RNAE IL6 Rat IL6 / Interleukin-6 Protein 1mg    
10246-H08H MIF Human MIF / GLIF Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
50146-M08H THPO Mouse Thrombopoietin / THPO / TPO Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
51068-M08B IL5 Mouse IL5 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
50112-MNAE OSM Mouse Oncostatin M / OSM Protein 1mg    
10264-H08B NOV Human CCN3 / NOV Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
11844-H08B IL9 Human IL-9 / Interleukin-9 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
10452-HNAH OSM Human Oncostatin M / OSM Protein 1mg    
50150-MNCE CXCL1 Mouse CXCL1 / MGSA / NAP-3 Protein 1mg    
10899-H08Y CCL4 Human CCL4 / MIP1B Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
11841-H07E CNTF Human CNTF Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
10889-HNAE CXCL5 Human CXCL5 Protein 1mg    
51181-M07E CNTF Mouse CNTF / Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
50117-MNCE IL11 Mouse IL-11 / interleukin 11 Protein 1mg    
13032-HNAY IGF2 Human IGF-2 / IGF-II Protein 1mg    
10989-H08Y CCL8 Human CCL8 / MCP-2 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
11292-H08Y CCL3 Human CCL3 / Mip1a Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
80235-R08B IL3 Rat IL3 / interleukin 3 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
10325-HNAB HBEGF Human HBEGF / DTR Protein 1mg    
11107-H08H SerpinI1 Human SerpinI1 / Neuroserpin Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
50177-M08H FGF18 Mouse FGF18 / FGF-18 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
10407-H08H KLK1 Human KLK-1 / Kallikrein-1 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
10491-H07E CCL16 Human CCL16 / HCC-4 / NCC4 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
10876-HNAE CXCL11 Human I-TAC / CXCL11 Protein 1mg    
10431-H01H TNFRSF12A Human TNFRSF12A / FN14 / TWEAKR Protein (Fc Tag) 1mg    
80012-RNAE CNTF Rat CNTF / Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor Protein 1mg    
10586-HNCE CXCL2 Human CXCL2 / MIP-2 Protein 1mg    
12342-HNAE FGF17 Human FGF17 Protein 1mg    
11528-HNAE FGF6 Human FGF6 / FGF-6 Protein 1mg    
10262-H01H FGF9 Human FGF9 Protein (Fc Tag) 1mg    
80234-R02H IFNG Rat IFNG / Interferon Gamma Protein (Fc Tag) 1mg    
10655-H07E CCL23 Human CCL23 / MIP 3 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
10967-H08H IGFBP4 Human IGFBP4 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
11822-H08H SerpinA12 Human Vaspin / SerpinA12 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
12186-H07E CXCL3 Human CXCL3 / GRO gamma Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
16010-HNAB FGF16 Human / Cynomolgus FGF16 / FGF-16 Protein 1mg    
50021-M08Y Ccl12 Mouse CCL12 / MCP-5 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
50070-M08Y CXCL2 Mouse CXCL2 / MIP-2 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
50258-M08Y CXCL3 Mouse CXCL3 / GRO gamma Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
50447-M07Y PDGFA Mouse PDGFA Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
62003-WNAE IL1B Sus scrofa (Pig) IL1B / IL-1 beta Protein 1mg    
80039-RNCE CXCL1 Rat CXCL1 / MGSA / NAP-3 Protein 1mg    
80057-R08Y CXCL10 Rat CXCL10 / Crg-2 Protein (His Tag) 1mg    
80066-R08Y PPBP Rat NAP-2 / PPBP / CXCL7 Protein (His Tag) 1mg