Sino Biological Technology Platforms

Sino Biological's established technology platforms have full-level carrying capacity, with the ability to move research and development from the pilot test phase to full-scale production. The platforms can realize high-throughput and high-efficiency research and production of recombinant protein reagents. Sino Biological has second-generation platforms for rabbit and mouse monoclonal antibody research and development.

  • HEK293 Transient Expression

    The HEK293 transient expression technology platform can quickly achieve high-throughput, high-efficiency and large-scale production of recombinant proteins.


  • CHO Cell Stable Expression

    To produce proteins that generally give low yields using eukaryotic cells, Sino Biological has developed the CHO cell stable expression technology platform. This platform allows for the creation of CHO cell lines that can highly express proteins which would otherwise result in minimal yields.


  • Baculovirus-Insect Expression

    Sino Biological has established a complete set of high-throughput recombinant protein expression and purification screening platforms using the Baculovirus-insect expression system. This platform optimizes protein expression and purification for recombinant proteins possessing many different properties.

  • E. coli Expression

    The E. coli expression platform uses advanced lactose auto-inducing expression technology to obtain high bacterial density expression in shaker flask (1~2 L scale) or reactor (10~100 L scale) production. This process can enhance protein solubility, increase protein production and reduce the amount of undesired protein.

  • High-throughput Mouse MAb R&D

    Sino Biological has established a high-throughput mouse monoclonal antibody R&D platform. Hybridoma cell lines secreting specific antibodies are isolated by cloning technology. At least 100 mg of the antibody is easily purified from the cell culture supernatant.


  • High-throughput Rabbit MAb R&D

    Sino Biological has established a high-throughput rabbit monoclonal antibody development and production technology platform. These independently developed rabbit monoclonal antibodies have better affinity and antigen detection limits than traditional mouse monoclonal antibodies.


  • Large-scale Antibody Production

    Sino Biological's high-throughput antibody R&D technology platform includes large-scale preparation technology for antibody production. This enables the company to rapidly produce large quantities of antibodies. Purified antibodies of 10 mg to 30 g can be obtained.


  • High-throughput ELISA Kit R&D

    The high-throughput ELISA kit R&D technology established by Sino Biological allows for the pairing of mouse and rabbit monoclonal antibodies against the same antigen. This platform therefore enriches the antibody pairing method and can improve pairing success rates and the specificity of ELISA kits.


  • High-throughput Assay and Quality Control

    Sino Biological's high-throughput antibody validation and quality control technology meets the rigorous standards of the GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 quality management system, including the provision of a quality manual, procedure documents, quality plan/SOP and quality records.

  • Sino Biological offers researchers and pharmaceutical companies high-quality recombinant protein and antibody reagents, as well as CRO services, at affordable prices.
• Sino Biological is the researchers' one-stop technical services shop for the advanced technology platforms they need to make advancements.

Recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies are the company's core products. After nearly 10 years of hard work, Sino Biological as become one of the world's largest suppliers of recombinant proteins. The company offers over 6,000 kinds of recombinant proteins and can produce them in amounts ranging from micrograms to grams. As a dynamic, growing company, Sino Biological has a continuously expanding product line. The company has launched more than 10,000 kinds of antibodies, 400,000 genes, as well as a series of tools and reagents such as ELISA kits, cell culture media and transfection reagents. More than 80 percent of the company's proteins are expressed by eukaryotic cells, which make them closer to natural proteins and have better biological activity than those produced in other kinds of cells. Sino Biological's antibody products have ultra-high affinity and detection sensitivity, typically eight to 150 times higher than those provided by international mainstream reagent suppliers. Compared with other brands, Sino Biological guarantees that scientific research users can obtain higher quality reagents and CRO services with faster delivery at a lower cost.