Advantages of Reagents and Custom Service

Sino Biological currently produces and sells more than 46,000 products which are all in stock. There are 6,000 kinds of recombinant proteins, of which 3,800 proteins expressed by human cells that are closet to natural structure and property. Sino Biological can also provide 12,000 kinds of antibodies, including 4,600 kinds of monoclonal antibodies. All the products can cover multiple research areas of life science. Sino Biological can provide a "one-stop" shop of research reagent and technical service for basic scientific research (including molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, developmental biology, stem cell research) and innovative drug research and development.

  • Capacity & Capability

    • Milligram level protein production
    • All produced in house
    • 2L—2000L bioreactor to ensure high throughput manufacture
    • As fast as 4 weeks from gene sequence to protein production
  • Recombinant Protein Toolkit

    • 6000+ proteins are in stock
    • Multiple species & various tags

Protein Advantages

>85% expressed by eukaryotic cells
High purity & low endotoxin
Bioactivity validated
Animal free & carrier free
  • HPLC purity

    SDS-PAGE purity


    TNF-alpha (Cat: GMP-10602-HNAE)

  • VEGF165 Bioactivity

    Cell (HUVEC) proliferation
    PD1 Bioactivity

    PD-1 (10377-H03H) bind to PD_L2

Custom Protein Production Services

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Advanced Antibody Development Platform

Antigen Design and Expression Technology
Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Library Technology
Mouse Hybridoma Technology
Single B-cell Technology

Sino Biological CD71 rabbit MAb, placenta tissue IHC

CD71 rabbit Polyclonal antibody (brand A), placenta tissue IHC

CD71 mouse MAb (brand B), placenta tissue IHC

Strict Quality Control

100% produced in-house, no OEM products Validated in Knock-out cells/tissues Every batch is fully validated in various applications
  • IHC

    Human LAMP1 in human breast carcinoma (11215-MM07)
  • IF

    Human LAMP1 in MCF7 cells (11215-MM07)
  • FCM

    Human LAMP1 on Jurkat cells(11215-MM07)
  • Human TFRC (11020-R001)

    Anti-TFRC rabbit monoclonal antibody at 1:500 dilution
    A: TFRC konckout Hela Whole Cell Lysate
    B: Hela Whole Cell Lysate

Custom Antibody Development & Production Services

Rich experience: 10,000+ custom antibody projects (99% success rate)
Fast speed: Fastest delivery time in 2-3 weeks from sequence to purified antibodies
Large-scale production ability: 30-100 grams custom-tailored mAb production in weeks

Bulk Order, Savings More !

In stock & ready to ship Bulk order with amazing discount

Your Preferred cDNA ORF Clones

Extensive Products
Gene bank: 28,000 Genes are in stock and ready to ship, including 100+ human full-length gene
Multiple species: Human, Mouse, Rabbit, Rat, Cynomolgus, Rhesus, Canine, Ferret, Zebrafish, Virus
Various tags: GFPSpark®, OFPSpark®, Flag, Myc, His, HA at C/N terminus
Strict Quality Control
Full length sequence confirmed
100% accurate sequence guaranteed

Expression Validated

Expression ready vectors with high expression level. Enhanced signals are showed in the validation experiments below.

  • GFP (GFPSpark®) Tag

  • OFP (OFPSpark®) Tag

  • N-FLAG Tag

  • C-FLAG Tag

Custom Molecular Biology Services

High quality Low risk Rich experience

Real Time PCR Primer and Prode Design

Sino Biological has been offering high-quality biological research reagents and comprehensive CRO services worldwide. We pride ourselves on developing all technologies in-house. To accelerate life science research and development, Sino Biological assists the customers worldwide with all passions and great efforts. Today, Sino is proud to be strong backup for clients, with our professional scientists, experienced researchers, advanced instrument, compliant facility, proprietary technology platform, and optimized processes.

Track Record & Key Facts

  • High Speed

    Development and production from gene synthesis to 100 mg eukaryotic protein expression as fast as 12 days

  • High Quality

    High purity: 99.9%
    Low endotoxin level: 0.01EU/mg

  • High-end Customers

    Antibody R&D technology service provider for global top 10 pharmaceutical companies

One-stop CRO Service

Over 10 years experiences
High Quality
Proprietary technology and optimized process
Low Risk
Billed for milestones
Fast Turnaround
From gene sequence to purified protein within 4 weeks in HEK293 cells
Flexible Production Scales
Variable scales(0.1mg-100g)
DNA seq. to protein/antibody