HP1 Alpha / CBX5 (Protein | Antibody | cDNA Clone | ELISA Kit)

All HP1 Alpha / CBX5 reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 1 HP1 Alpha / CBX5 Antibody, 30 HP1 Alpha / CBX5 Gene, 2 HP1 Alpha / CBX5 qPCR. All HP1 Alpha / CBX5 reagents are ready to use.

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HP1 Alpha / CBX5 Background

Chromobox 5 (CBX5) is a putative target of CDC7 and genetic silencing of CBX5 also results in increased Endo18 and collagen uptake. Finally, CRISPR-mediated activation of Endo18 expression results in increased collagen uptake, suggesting that CDC7 regulates collagen internalization through increased Endo18 expression. Targeting the regulatory elements of the collagen degradative machinery may be a useful therapeutic approach in diseases of fibrosis or malignancy. The three members of the human heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1) family of proteins, HP1α, HP1β, and HPγ, are involved in chromatin packing and epigenetic gene regulation. HP1α is encoded from the CBX5 gene and is a suppressor of metastasis. CBX5 is down-regulated at the transcriptional and protein level in metastatic compared to non-metastatic breast cancer. CBX5 shares a bi-directional promoter structure with the hnRNPA1 gene. But whereas CBX5 expression is down-regulated in metastatic cells, hnRNAP1 expression is constant. Heterochromatin protein 1α (HP1α) encoded from the CBX5-gene is an evolutionary conserved protein that binds histone H3 di- or tri-methylated at position lysine 9 (H3K9me2/3), a hallmark for heterochromatin, and has an essential role in forming higher order chromatin structures. HP1α has diverse functions in heterochromatin formation, gene regulation, and mitotic progression, and forms complex networks of gene, RNA, and protein interactions. Emerging evidence has shown that HP1α serves a unique biological role in breast cancer related processes and in particular for epigenetic control mechanisms involved in aberrant cell proliferation and metastasis.