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Sino Biological Inc. is the largest centralized protein manufacturer worldwide. Over 60 bioreactors (>1000L cell culture capacity)support 40 projects in parallel. Less than three years, Sino Biological built up one of the largest protein banks with over 7000 proteins and mAbs in stock and serve clients including the top 10 global pharmaceutical / biotech companies. Prducts like cDNA, Cell Factors and Transfection Reagent also got good word of mouth.Our core supporting team were trained in top Chinese, American, and European universities or multinational harmaceutical / biotech companies thus greatly experienced in protein / antibody research, production, and analysis. Compared to other leading brands,Sino Bological provides antibodies with higher antigen affinity as low as 5 pg (10-200 fold higher than those from other providers in average). That remarkable feature based on our highly strict QC process and various analytical methods.Sino Biological Inc. provides antibodies that can meet different applications, includingImmunohistochemistry / IHC, Flow Cytometry / FACS, Immunofluorescence / IF, Immunofluorescence / IF/ICC, Immunoprecipitation / IP, Western Blot / WB and ELISA. Sino Biological's western blot antibodies have the advantage of high sensitivity, high specificity and high stability. All western blot / WB antibodies have been verified by many natural cell lysate, which fully verify their specificity, the result is more accurate and reliable. Western blot / WB antibodies of Sino Biological are screened from hundreds of antibodies so they have high sensitivity, they can detect very small amount of protein in cell lysate, which helps to reduce false results and improve the success rate of the experiment. Western blot / WB antibodies of Sino Biological have a variety of applications, may be used for IHC, IP, FACS and IF tests. That save research funding and time to buy. Western blot test is a method used to detect specific molecules from samples such as cell extracts or tissue homogenates, and also be used to analyze recombinant proteins. Western blot can identify target proteins based on the special affinity between a certain antigen and its antibody. In the field of protein, western blot is widely used in all field of biology for the test of protein expression level.

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Western blotting / WB Antibody
Western blotting / WB Antibody Features+
- Being validated by native cell lysate
- Being validated by various cell lysate & tissue lysate
- Suitable for additional applications including FACS,IHC, IP or IF
- High quality of loading control antibody
WB Products Center+
- human target
- mouse target
- rat target
- others species
- A431
- 293
- MCF7
- Hela
- A549
- Jurkat
- HepG2
- Mouse Monoclonal Antibody
- Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody
- Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody
- Viral Antibody
- CD Molecule
- Biomarker
- Biological target
- Diagnostic
- Cancer Research
- Receptor
- Cytokine
- Interkeukin
- Stem Cell Research
- Cell membrane
- Cytoplasm
- Nucleus
- Secreted
- Mitochondrion
- Lysosome
- Golgi body
- HA tag
- GFP tag
- S-tag
- E-tag
Western Blot / WB Technique Center+
- Western blot introduction
- Western Blot / WB tips
- Western Blot / WB FAQ
- Western Blot / WB protocol
- Western Blot / WB trouble shooting