Sinofection® transfection

Sinofection® Transfection Reagent

STF02: Superior cationic polymer-based; For DNA transfection, hEK293 cell and other cells' transfection

Sinofection® Transfection Reagent Feature

• For DNA transfection • For eukaryotic cells like HEK293 • For both adherent and suspension cells • For operations with or without serum
• Inorganic reagent without animal ingredients • More then 180000 L application • Easy operation and less time taken • Stable with strict quality control
• Higher transfection efficiency • Lower cytotoxicity • higher protein expression • Suit for kinds of cells

High protein expression and low cytotoxicity(EGFP protein expression transfected Sinofection )

293E 293FT
COS7 HepG2
SW480 CHO-DG44

Sinofection® Transfection Reagent Suitable for Following Cell Types

HEK293H MCF7 Hela A549
HEK293FT SW480 Caco2 NIH/3T3
COS7 HepG2 RAW264.7  

Usage of Sinofection in different cell lines(96-well plate)

Cell type Culture medium Cells per well DNA Sinofection Medium change after 4-6h
293H DMEM 3×104 0.2µg 0.5µL DMEM+10%FBS
293FT DMEM 3×104 0.2µg 0.5µL DMEM+10%FBS
293E DMEM 3×104 0.2µg 0.5µL DMEM+10%FBS
293F DMEM 3×104 0.2µg 0.5µL DMEM+10%FBS
COS7 DMEM 1.5×104 0.4µg 0.5µL DMEM+10%FBS
hela DMEM 2×104 0.3µg 0.5µL 1640+15%FBS
Caco2 MEM 3.5×104 0.3µg 0.75µL MEM+10%FBS
BHK21 MEM 2×104 0.2µg 0.5µL MEM+10%FBS
CHO-DG44 DMEM+HT+pro 2×104 0.5µg 0.5µL DMEM+HT+pro +10%FBS
RAW264.7 DMEM 3×104 0.2µg 0.5µL DMEM +10%FBS
MCF7 MEM/NEAA+0.01mg/mL insulin + sodium pyruvat 2×104 0.1µg 0.25µL MEM/NEAA+0.01mg/mL insulin + sodium pyruvat+10%FBS
SW480 IMDM 3×104 0.4µg 0.5µL IMDM +10%FBS
MDCK DMEM 4×104 0.6µg 1µL DMEM+10%FBS
CHO-K1 IMDM+Pro 3×104 0.2µg 0.5µL IMDM+Pro +10%FBS
HepG2 DMEM 3×104 0.5µg 0.75µL DMEM+10%FBS
A549 DMEM 2×104 0.3µg 0.5µL DMEM+10%FBS
NIH/3T3 DMEM 1.5×104 0.1µg 0.75µL DMEM+10%FBS
vero DMEM 3×104 0.3µg 0.75µL DMEM+10%FBS
sf9 SIM SF 5×104 0.4µg 0.75µL SIM SF+10%FBS