Elite Rabbit Mab (EliteRmab)

80% using eukaryotic recombinant proteins as immunogen
5-10 folds of cost and labor
More diversity, conformational epitope
More sensitive and specific
Better for small molecule
Can be used for mouse samples

On average, rabbit antibodies have 10-100× higher affinity than mouse antibodies
Secondary generation techniques Liquid and solid phase screening A variety of validation platforms and select the best one
Antibody affinity test   Sensitivity test in Western blot
Mouse Mab KD=4.950nM   Rabbit antibody KD=0.017nM   Anti-human CD84 mouse Mab:1ng   Anti-human M-CSFR rabbit Mab:5pg
Better choice for IHC (Better signal to noise ratio and higher sensitivity)   Support multiple applications (Screening for the best one and quality assurance)
Sino Biological rabbit Mab Rabbit Pab Mouse Mab  

Rabbit monoclonal antibodies

Various applications Research area