pCMV / hygro-Negative Contol Vector (untagged)

  • Negative control for the untagged-pCMV clone.
  • Vector sequence is the same as pCMV / hygro, but multiple cloning sites are removed.
  • Designed for mammalian expression, stable or transient.
  • Hygromycin resistance gene for selection of stable cell lines.
pCMV / hygro-Negative Control Vector (untagged) Physical Map
Vector Sequence
 Vector Name  pCMV / hygro-Negative Control Vector (untagged)
 Vector Size


 Vector Type  Mammalian Expression Vector
 Expression Method  Constitutive, Stable / Transient
 Promoter  CMV
 Antibiotic Resistance  Ampicillin
 Selection In Mammalian Cells  Hygromycin
 Protein Tag  None
 Sequencing Primer  Forward:T7(TAATACGACTCACTATAGGG)
Schematic of pCMV / hygro-Negative Control Vector (untagged) Multiple Cloning Sites

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