Myc Synthetic Peptide

Product Introduction

Myc peptide can be used to competitively elute Myc-tagged fusion proteins from immobilized anti-Myc magnetic beads. Use Myc peptide to elute Myc-tagged proteins. Elution yields will increase by incubating the peptide on the tube for 10-15 minutes at 30-37 ºC for each elution fraction.

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Myc Synthetic peptide
Elution protocol

1. Prepare Myc peptide at 1mg/mL in PBS.
2. Add 50 μL1 mg/mL Myc peptide to the protein combined beads (initially adding 50 μL Sino Biological Myc tag magnetic beads, TB100029), gently vortex and incubate the sample at 37 oC on a rotator for 5-10 minutes. Elution can be performed at reduced temperatures, but lower yields result.
3. Separate the beads on a magnetic separator and save the supernatant containing the target antigen.
4. Repeat elution step once for higher recovery.

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