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Immunoprecipitation / IP introduction
What is IP?
What is Co-IP?
What is ChIP?
What is RIP?
Immunoprecipitation / IP protocol
Classic IP Protocol
Complex IP
Chromatin IP
RNA IP Protocol
Magnetic beads IP Protocol
Immunoprecipitation / IP tips
Immunoprecipitation / IP troubleshooting
1. No Proteins Detected following IP
2. High Background (Specific or Nonspecific)
3. Antibody Fragments Blocking the Signal of Interest
4. The Worst Case Scenario: Co-IP is Not Successful
Immunoprecipitation / IP Antibody FAQ
Non-specific binding
Usage of IP antibody & Cell lysate
No detection of target protein
High background
Heavy chain & light chain
Choice of protein A/G/L
Protein A/G/L blocking
Are the sinobiologcal Immunomagnetic beads Protein A, Immunomagnetic beads Protein G and protein Lwere pre-blocked with BSA?
Extracellular protein IP antibody
Nuclear protein IP antibody
Cytoplasmic protein IP antibody
High molecular IP
Middle molecular IP
Protein interaction & IP
ELISA & Immunoprecipitation / IP
Antibody purification & Immunoprecipitation / IP
Protein purification & Immunoprecipitation / IP
Chemiluminescence & immunoprecipitation / IP