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• Most IP antibodies also can be used in Western blot
• Better performance for tag IP KIT
• IP KIT all the buffers were provided
• Validated by multiple cells
• Excellent performance for tag IP KIT——Flag/His/GST/GFP/HA/Myc/V5 tag IP KIT
• Affordable price——70% of other brands
• Stable quality between batches
• Binding to recombinant & natural proteins
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Sino Biological Antibody Product Facts

• All Produced in House
• Most Generated against Full-length Protein
• Advanced 2nd-generation rabbit monoclonal antibody
• Affordable Price
• Bulk antibodies available

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Most IP antibodies also can be used in Western blot

Number A B C D E F
Sample V5-ARG1-his his-ARG1-V5 V5-ARG1-his his-ARG1-V5 V5-ARG1-his his-ARG1-V5
(0.5mg) Transfection 293 Transfection 293  Transfection 293  Transfection 293  Transfection 293  Transfection 293
  Natural Elution Alkline Elution Acidity Elution
Beads   V5 Tag Immunomagnetic beads  
Primary antibody   100378-RP02,5ug/ml  
Primary antibody  Anti-rabbit secondary fluorescent antibody 

Better performance for tag IP KIT

IP KIT all the buffers were provided

Validated by multiple cells

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