Immunohistochemistry / IHC Antibody-Rat Target

Rat PCSK9 Antibody Rat ALCAM / CD166 Antibody
Rat RBP4 Antibody Rat BCAM Antibody
Rat CD32b / Fc gamma RIIB / FCGR2B Antibody Rat IL-3 Antibody
Rat ICAM-1 / CD54 Antibody Rat DSC2 Antibody
Rat IL13RA2 / IL13R Antibody Rat SIRP alpha / CD172a Antibody
Rat IFNA5 / IFNaG Antibody Rat CD68 Antibody
Rat BCAM / CD239 Antibody Rat CD6 / Cluster of Differentiation 6 Antibody
Rat EpCAM / TROP-1 / TACSTD1 Antibody Rat CD79B Antibody
Rat IL12B / IL-12B Antibody Rat CD112 / Nectin-2 / PVRL2 Antibody
Rat EGF / Epidermal Growth Factor Antibody Rat Thrombomodulin / THBD Antibody
Rat FCGRT & B2M Heterodimer Antibody Rat CD157 / BST1 Antibody
Rat FGFR4 / FGF Receptor 4 Antibody Rat GGT1 Antibody
Rat REG3A Antibody Rat CD5 / Cluster of Differentiation 5 Antibody
Rat Cystatin C / CST3 Antibody Rat TrkA / NTRK1 Antibody
Rat GPT2 Antibody Rat B2M / beta-2 microglobulin Antibody
Rat ACE2 / Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 Antibody Rat Layilin / LAYN Antibody
Rat Neurexophilin-1 / NXPH1 Antibody Rat Interleukin-2 / IL-2 Antibody
Rat LCN2 / NGAL Antibody Rat WAP5 / WFDC2 / HE4 Antibody

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Immunohistochemistry is the localization of antigens or proteins in tissue sections by the use of labeled antibodies as specific reagents through antigen-antibodyinteractions. Immunohistochemical antibody is widely used in the diagnosis of abnormal cells such as those found in cancerous tumors. Immunohistochemical antibody is also widely used in basic research to understand the distribution and localization of biomarkers and differentially expressed proteins in different parts of a biological tissue.Antibodies to rat protein are important tool in research. Antibody to rat target on the market has played an important role in various fields of research. The rat animal model is very important in many disease studies, antibody rat protein will become the necessary research tools and methods.

Immunohistochemistry / IHC Antibody
Immunohistochemistry / IHC Antibody Features
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- Heart Tissue
Human Heart Tissue
Mouse Heart Tissue
Rat Heart Tissue
Cynomolgus Heart Tissue
- Brain Tissue
Human Brain Tissue
Mouse Brain Tissue
Rat Brain Tissue
Cynomolgus Brain Tissue
- Lymphgland Tissue
Human Lymphgland Tissue
Rat Lymphgland Tissue
- Spleen Tissue
Human Spleen Tissue
Mouse Spleen Tissue
Rat Spleen Tissue
Cynomolgus Spleen Tissue
Ferrt Spleen Tissue
- Tonsil Tissue
Human Tonsil Tissue
Cynomolgus Tonsil Tissue
- Skin Tissue
Human Skin Tissue
Mouse Skin Tissue
Rat Skin Tissue
Cynomolgus Skin Tissue
- Stomach Tissue
Human Stomach Tissue
Mouse Stomach Tissue
Rat Stomach Tissue
Cynomolgus Stomach Tissue
- Liver Tissue
Human Liver Tissue
Mouse Liver Tissue
Rat Liver Tissue
Cynomolgus Liver Tissue
- Lung Tissue
Human Lung Tissue
Mouse Lung Tissue
Rat Lung Tissue
Cynomolgus Lung Tissue
- Kindey Tissue
Human Kindey Tissue
Mouse Kindey Tissue
Rat Kindey Tissue
Cynomolgus Kindey Tissue
- Small intestine Tissue
Human Small intestine Tissue
Mouse Small intestine Tissue
Rat Small intestine Tissue
- Thymus Tissue
Human Thymus Tissue
Rat Thymus Tissue
- Uterus Tissue
Human Uterus Tissue
Mouse Uterus Tissue
Rat Uterus Tissue
- Testis Tissue
- Epididymis Tissue
- Esophagus Tissue
- Colon Tissue
- Pancreas Tissue
- Cell nucleus staining
- Cytomembrane staining
- Cytoplasm staining
- Paraffin section
- Frozen section
- Human Target
- Mouse Target
- Rat Target
- Other Species
- Mouse monoclonal antibody
- Rabbit monoclonal antibody
- Rabbit polyclonal antibody
- CD Molecular
- Biomarker
- Biological target
- Diagnostic
- Cancer
IHC antibody for Lung Cancer
IHC antibody for Hepatic Carcinoma
IHC antibody for Thyriod carcinoma
IHC antibody for Colon Cancer
IHC antibody for Lymphoma
IHC antibody for Ovarian Cancer
IHC antibody for Brain Cancer
IHC antibody for Breast Cancer
IHC antibody for Renal Carcinoma
IHC antibody for Esophagus Cancer
IHC antibody for Gastric Cancer
IHC antibody for Pancreatic Cancer
- Receptor
- Cytokine
- Interkeukin
- Stem cell
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