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Sino Biological Inc. hase commit to developing a variety of antibodies, including Immunohistochemistry / IHC antibody, Flow Cytometry / FACS antibody, Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC antibody, Immunoprecipitation / IP antibody, Western Blot / WB antibody and ELISA antibody. Each application of the antibodies is a rigorous screening and quality control testing. Sino Biological Inc. has developed 400 high quality Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC Antibodies which have been test strictly. The test images of the Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC Antibodies are shown on website for the user's reference.

Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC antibodies of Sino Biological Inc. have six main characteristics. The first one is that the antibodies have better affinity and sensitivity than Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC antibodies of other leading brands. Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC antibodies of Sino Biological Inc. have been validated by multiple cell types when the antibodies been test. Some Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC antibodies have been further verification by strict negative controls. Sino Biological Inc. has good cofocal platform for detection of Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC antibodies that ensure the pictures and images are fine and clear. Sino Biological Inc. has other test platform for antibody test which can confirm Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC antibodies based on other mechanism.

Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC antibodies have been confirm by antigen blocking assay base on Sino Biological Inc. 's large antigen library.

There are many detection technology based on antibody as material, such as ELISA, WB, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, Immunoprecipitation / IP, and Flow Cytometry / FACS. In generally, it is accepted that antibodies used for different detection method recognize different epitope, so not all antibodies can simultaneously meet a wide variety of applications. However, in the process of antibody preparation, the antibodies always have been detected by a number of methods for meet different application. The one of purposes of applications be carried out for antibody detection is to screen antibodies that can be used to meet a number of functional applications. The other one of applications be carried out for antibody detection is to verify that whether the antibody is a true positive result by another application. However, due to the limitations of the detection conditions or limitations of detection platform, it can not be used for a variety of applications to verify the same antibody. Sino Biological Inc. have six antibody detection platform, ELISA, WB, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, Immunoprecipitation / IP, and Flow Cytometry / FACS. So it is possible for confirm antibodies by each other. For Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC antibody, you can use the other five platforms to verify the positive Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC antibody.

There are a variety of detection methods for antibody, and the method can verify each other. The Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC antibodies can be verified by the method of IHC, FAC(FC) and WB. If one result of IHC,FAC(FC) and WB was correct,

Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC antibodies were validated that the the Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC antibody is specific to target.

Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC Antibody
Immunofluorescence / IF/ICC Antibody Features+
- Better affinity and sensitivity
- Extensive validation by multiple cell types
- Strict negative controls
- In-house confocal technology support
- Other methods (FACS, IHC or WB)confirmations
- Antigen blocking assay
Immunofluorescence / IF/ICC Products Center+
- Human Target
- Mouse Target
- Other Species
- CD Molecular
- Biomarker
- Biological target
- Diagnostic
- Cancer
- Cytokine
- Receptor
- Interleukin
- Stem cell
- A431
- 293
- MCF7
- Hela
- A549
- Jurkat
- HepG2
- HT29
- PC3
- RAW264.7
- mouse splenocytes
- rat splenocytes
- Mouse monoclonal antibody
- Rabbit monoclonal antibody
- Cell membrane
- Cytoplasm
- Nucleus
- Secreted
- Mitochondrion
- Lysosome
- Golgi
- HA tag
- E-tag
- GFP tag
- S-tag
Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC Technology Center+
- Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC Introduction
- Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC Protocol
- Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC FAQ
- Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC Troubleshooting
- Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC Tips
Examples of good or bad IF/ICC Results+
- A431-Cell membrane
- A431-Cytoplasm
- A431-Nucleus
- Hela-Cell membrane
- Hela-Cytoplasm
- Hela-Nucleus
- Hela-Lysosome
- Hela-Golgi
- Hela-Mitochondrion
- Hela-Microtubule
- A549-Cytoplasm
- A549-Nucleus
- A549-Lysosome
- HepG2-Cytoplasm
- HepG2-Lysosome
- HESc-Cytoplasm
- HESc-Nucleus
- MCF7-Cell membrane
- MCF7-Cytoplasm
- MCF7-Nucleus
- PC3-Cell membrane
- SHSY5Y-Cytoplasm
- SHSY5Y-Nucleus
- SKBR3-Cell membrane
- SKBR3-Cytoplasm
- Raw264.7-Cell membrane
- Mouse Splenocytes-Cell membrane