Immunofluorescence / IF / ICC Antibody- Rabbit monoclonal antibody

Human EGFR / HER1 / ErbB1 Antibody Human E-Selectin / CD62e / SELE Antibody
Human HER2 / ErbB2 / CD340 Antibody Human SMAC / Diablo Antibody
Human 4E-BP1 / EIF4EBP1 Antibody Human HSP27 / HSPB1 Antibody
Human SPARCL1 / SPARC-like 1 Antibody Human IL-33 Antibody
Human BACE1 Antibody Human BMP-2 Antibody
Human CNDP1 Antibody Human TROP2 / TACSTD2 Antibody
Human CD55 / DAF Antibody Human Carbonic Anhydrase XIV / CA14 Antibody
Human CD146 / MCAM Antibody Human BID Antibody
Human IL-1RA / IL1RN Antibody Human Cathepsin A / CTSA Antibody
Human CD171 / N-CAML1 / L1CAM Antibody Human ADAM15 / MDC15 Antibody
Human CD31 / PECAM-1 Antibody Human CD208 / DC-LAMP / LAMP3 Antibody
Human Endoglin / CD105 Antibody Human ACY1 / Aminoacylase-1 Antibody
Human IGF1R / CD221 Antibody Human Angiopoietin-2 / ANG 2 Antibody
Human CD147 / EMMPRIN / Basigin Antibody (FITC) Human EpCAM / TROP-1 / TACSTD1 Antibody
Human Latexin / LXN Antibody Human Tie2 / CD202b / TEK Antibody
Human Leukotriene A4 Hydrolase / LTA4H Antibody Human JNK2 / MAPK9 Antibody
Human PRLR / Prolactin receptor Antibody Human CXADR / CAR Antibody
Human Galectin-3 / LGALS3 Antibody Human CEACAM1 / CD66a Antibody
Human PTP1B / PTPN1 Antibody Human CEACAM6 / CD66c Antibody
Human Fetuin-A / AHSG Antibody Human P4HB / ERBA2L Antibody

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Immunofluorescence is a powerful technique that utilizes fluorescent-labeled antibodies to detect specific target antigens. Immunofluorescence uses a single, primary antibody, chemically linked to a fluorophore. The primary antibody recognizes the target antigen and binds to a specific epitope. The attached fluorophore can be detected via fluorescent microscopyThe technique is very sensitive and versatile and finds numerous applications in the fields of immunology, cell morphology, genetics, diagnostics and histopathology.
Stem Cells are characterised by their two properties of capability of renewing themselves and differentiating into a diverse range of cell types. Stem cell related antibody is an important means in the study of stem cells, stem cell related antibody provides the effective and fast method for stem cell separation, stem cell purification and identification of stem cell marker. The use of different stem cell related growth Factors, chemokines and cytokines in particular conditions on stem cells were induced toward a particular cell differentiation.

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- A431
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- RAW264.7
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- Lysosome
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