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One of the greatest benefits of monoclonal antibodies is specificity. However, some pitfalls in the use of monoclonal antibodies should be noted. All too often, monoclonal antibodies are characterized using fresh or frozen tissue. If the antibody is to be used for formalin-fixed specimens, the targeted epitope must survive fixation. In some cases, polyclonal antibodies that target multiple epitopes within a single antigen have a better chance of detecting that antigen than monoclonal antibodies that are restricted to a single epitope.

AcMNPV-GP64 Antibody CMV gB Antibody
Mouse CD38 Antibody HIV gp120 Antibody
DENV-NS1 Antibody Influenza HA Antibody
DENV-NS5A Antibody HCV-E2 Antibody
EBOV-G Antibody M.viridifaciens M. viridifaciens NA Antibody
EBOV-NP Antibody H1N1 M1 Antibody
EBOV-VP24 Antibody H1N1 NA Antibody
EBOV-VP40 Antibody Influenza NP Antibody
EBV-gp350 Antibody MERS-CoV NP-CoV Antibody
Listeria monocytogenes FlaA Antibody RVFV-L Antibody
HIV Gag-p24 Antibody HCoV Spike Antibody
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