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Sino Biological Inc. (SBI) has built up a unique rabbit monoclonal antibody production platform that is based on our unparalleled expertise in phage display antibody library technology, which has otherwise been called the second generation technology for the production of monoclonal rabbit antibody. SBI have constructed a large number of immunized rabbit antibody libraries. Rabbit MAb primary antibodies typically provide more specific and sensitive detection of their target protein with lower background. Part of the completely validated antibody products, which are especially for the flow cytometry (FCM) application are listed below. The targets would be updated periodly.

Human ACY1 / Aminoacylase-1 Antibody Mouse CD22 Antibody
Human ADAM15 / MDC15 Antibody Mouse CD226 / DNAM-1 Antibody (APC)
Human CD97 Antibody Human CD27 Antibody
Human Angiotensinogen / SerpinA8 / AGT Antibody (FITC) Mouse PD-L1 / B7-H1 / CD274 Antibody
Human AKR1B1 Antibody Human CD28 / TP44 Antibody
Human Human Serum Albumin / HSA / ALB Antibody Human CD33 / Siglec-3 Antibody
Mouse CD166 / ALCAM Antibody Mouse CD34 Antibody
Human ALDH7A1 Antibody Human CD36 / SCARB3 Antibody
Human ARG1 / Arginase 1 Antibody (FITC) Human CD3e / CD3 epsilon Antibody (APC)
Human ASGR2 / ASGPR2 Antibody Human CD4 Antibody (FITC)
Human BACE1 Antibody Human CD48 / SLAMF2 Antibody
Human CD147 / EMMPRIN / Basigin Antibody Human CD5 Antibody
Human Carbonic Anhydrase IX / CA9 Antibody Human CD55 / DAF Antibody
Human Caspase-14 / CASP14 Antibody Human LFA-3 / CD58 Antibody
Mouse CD14 Antibody Human CD59 Antibody
Human CD160 Antibody Mouse CD6 / Cluster of Differentiation 6 Antibody
Human CD2 Antibody Mouse CD8a / Lyt2 Antibody
Mouse CD200 Antibody Human N-Cadherin / CD325 / CDH2 Antibody
Mouse CD200R1 Antibody Human VE-Cadherin / CD144 / CDH5 Antibody
Mouse SIGNR1 / CD209b Antibody (PE) Human CEACAM1 / CD66a Antibody
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