ELISA Kit features

Sinobiological Inc. ELISA Kits are complete and ready-to-use. Immunoassays are available for measuring a range of molecules including virus, cytokines, interleukin, chemokines, growth factors, CD molecule and more. The features of the ELISA Kit are easy to use, high sensitivity, high repeatability..

The high sensitivity of ELISA, comes from the enzyme as a reporting group. As is known to all, the enzyme is an organic catalyst, a small amount of which could induce a large span of catalytic reactions to produce observable chromogenic reaction phenomenon. Therefore, this system is often taken as the amplification system of enzyme. By ELISA, a tracer of the antigen or antibody is achieved in the cell or subcellular level, also, antigen or antibody quantification can be done in the microgram or even nanogram levels.

Specificity of ELISA is because of the selectivity of the antibody or antigen. Actually, the binding of antigen or antibody only occurs in the epitope of an antigen or antigen-binding site of an antibody. Since, there is a complementary relationship between epitope and antigen-binding site both in chemical structure and spatial configuration, the reaction between antigen and antibody shows a strong specifity.

Comprehensive quality assurance

The Majority of Kits consist of Paired Monoc

  batch1    batch2    batch3    
monoclonal antibody
polyclonal antibody

Virus ELISA Kits covering Most of Influenza Strains

• H1N1
• H3N2
• H7N9

Over 90% of Standards are from Eukaryotic Expression System

The largest independent producer of recombinant proteins
More than 90% purity
Proven good bioactivities
More similar to natural targets of mammalian cells in modifications and advanced structures

High Sensitive ELISA Kits

Unique Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Technology

ELISA Antibody
- ELISA Kit features
ELISA Kit features-Comprehensive quality assurance
90% of The Kits are McAb-McAb Matching
Influenza Virus ELISA Kit Covering the General Strain
Standard Substance are Produced by Eukaryotic expressing system
Mouse Protein ELISA Kit
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human Taget
others species
ELISA Kit Cytokine
Stem Cell Research
Cancer Research
CD Molecule
Signal Transduction
Inflammation / Inflammatory Mediator
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