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Mammalian Expression Vectors

  • Multiple tags for choice: His, Myc, Flag, HA
  • mammalian expression, stable or transient
  • Optimized for high protein expression levels
  • 60% cost saving, start from $295

Sino Biological Gene / cDNA Clone

10,000+ cDNA Clones, Sequence Confirmed

  • Human, Mouse, Rabbit, Rat, Monkey, Dog, Ferret, Zebrafish
  • Viruses (Influenza, HIV, HPV, HCV, RSV, HCoV, etc.)

Need a Gene in an Expression-Ready Vector?

  • Optimized for Expression
  • Multiple Tags:

FLAG, His, HA, Myc


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Sino Biological Gene Products Facts
  • ·All Produced in House
  • ·10,000+ cDNA Clones, Sequence Confirmed
  • ·Human, mouse, rat, monkey, dog, virus cDNA available
  • ·90% cDNA clones as low as $95
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Keep up the good work:)
My lab and I totally appreciate the quick responses and high-quality products supplied to us.What impresses us most is the quick delivery once a purchase is made.We hope to continue purchasing from Sinobiological in the future

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