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10000+ready-to-use cDNA ORF Clones=Sequence Confirmed+ Ultra Low-cost

Product Tyte Applications
cDNA Clone

PCR template

Quantitative PCR template

Genome research

ORF Clone

Proetin expression and structure

Proetin function and interaction

Organelle markers

Stable expression cell line

cDNA clone:full-length cDNA clones, maybe contains 5' UTR and 3' UTR

Expression-ready ORF clone: only full-length ORF in expression vector.

Expression-ready ORF clone

Only ORF sequences,no 5’ or 3’UTRs

Designed for mammalian expression, stable or transient

High protein expression level: enhanced CMV promoter

C-or N-terminal fusion tags:Myc, HA, FLAG, His,GFPSpark and OFPSpark

Expression validated

Gene Product Advantages

10,000+ cDNA Clones in houses

Multiple species: Human, mouse, rat, monkey, canine, ferret and viruses.

Most Comprehensive influenza virus,coverage for 28 subtypes, 85 strains, e.g.H7N9,H5N1.
Supply MERS COV,HCV,RSV,HCov cDNA clones.

Full length sequence confirmation for each batch of ORF cDNA clone.

90% cDNA clones as low as $95.

Gene, protein, antibody one-stop service.

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Keep up the good work:)
My lab and I totally appreciate the quick responses and high-quality products supplied to us.What impresses us most is the quick delivery once a purchase is made.We hope to continue purchasing from Sinobiological in the future

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