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Antigen Production Service Introduction

Our antibody development services can accept antigens provided by our customers and can also help customers produce antigens. Obtaining high-quality antigens is the key factor to successfully develop antibodies. Sino Biological can provide peptide antigens and protein antigens. Protein antigens have integrit conformation. When the protein in sample is in its natural conformation, it is preferred to immunize with a protein antigen, such as the development of neutralizing antibodies.

If it is difficult to express the proteins or other specific detection requirements is needed, peptide antigens are economical and practical choices, such as the species-specific detection of the same protein. In addition, Sino Biological can also provide diversified immunization methods such as DNA, cells, and insect viruses to solve the protein expression problems and immunogens are closer to natural proteins.

Antigen Production Service Advantages

International leading recombinant protein production and purification technology, with five antigen expression platforms: HEK293, CHO, E.coli, Yeast, and Insect cell, and multiple protein purification platforms such as nickel column, conjugation receptor, conjugation antibody, protein A/G, size exclusion chromatography, hydrophobic interaction chromatography and ion exchange chromatography etc.
With intellectual property of medium, highly efficient expression vector and high-density cell culture systems to fully improve expression success rates and save customers cost
The leading technical personnel and laboratory equipment, rich experience on 6000+ protein expression and purification, supporting high-throughput, large-scale and rapid production
Professional polypeptide design software, experienced designers, and efficient conjugation solutions to ensure the immunization successful rate of the designed polypeptide is greater than 95%

Antigen Production Service Process

Description Timeline Deliverables
Recombinant protein antigen production   Please refer to protein expression service
• Mammalian Transient Protein Expression Service (HEK293 / CHO Cell)
• Baculovirus-Insect Cell Protein Expression Service
E.coli Protein Expression Service
• Yeast Protein Expression Service
• Stable Cell Line Development Service (HEK293 / CHO)
Polypeptide antigen production 4-6 weeks • Polypeptide sequences
• 2mg unconjugated polypeptide
• Peptide design
• Peptide synthesis
• Peptide conjugation