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Description of One-Stop-Shop Service for Antibody Purification at Sino Biological

Sino Biological has accumulated many years of antibody purification through thousands of monoclonal antibody production projects, including recombinant antibodies from transient transfected HEK293 and CHO cell cultures, mouse, rat and rabbit monoclonal antibodies from hybridoma cultures, and polyclonal antibodies from animal sera. Our experiences covers all sub-types and classes (IgG, IgA, and IgM) of human antibody, mouse antibody, rat antibody, rabbit antibody, canine (dog) antibody, and bovine antibody. Our antibody purification service typically is offered in combination with antibody production and cell culture services. A partial list of ...... <Learn More>

Biology CRO Service
Biology CRO Service Introduction
Antibody Production & Development CRO Service
- Antibody CRO Service Description
- Antibody Service Q&A
- Antibody /Mab Production CRO Service
-- Antibody Production Service Description
-- Ab Production Service Q&A
-- Antibody /Mab Production Service: mini-scale (0.1-1 mg)
-- Antibody /Mab Production Service: Small-scale (1-10 mg)
-- Antibody /Mab Production Service: Mid-scale (10-100 mg)
-- Antibody /Mab Production Service: Large-scale (100 mg - 1 gram)
-- Transient Transfection Antibody Production: Super-scale (1g - 100 gram)
-- Stable CHO Antibody Production Service: Super-scale (1g - 100 gram)
-- Single-Chain ScFv Antibody Fragment Production Service
-- Antibody / Mab Fab production Service
-- Mouse Mab production CRO Service
-- Rat antibody production CRO service
-- Rabbit Mab production CRO Service
- Antibody Purification Service
-- Antibody Purification Service Description
-- Antibody /Mab Production / Purification Service: High Monomer Purity
-- low endotoxin antibody production service
-- GLP Grade Antibody /Mab Production / Purification Service
-- IgG Antibody /Mab Production & Purification Service
-- IgA Antibody/Mab Production & Purification Service
-- IgM Antibody /Mab Production / Purification Service
-- Mouse IgG1 Antibody /Mab Production / Purification Service
-- Mouse IgG2a Antibody /Mab Production / Purification Service
-- Mouse IgG2b Antibody /Mab Production / Purification Service
-- Mouse IgG3 Antibody /Mab Production / Purification Service
-- Rat IgG Antibody /Mab Production / Purification Service
-- Rabbit IgG Antibody /Mab Production / Purification Service
-- Total Polyclonal Antibody Production / Purification Service
-- Antigen-Specific Polyclonal Antibody Production / Purification Service
- Antibody Humanization Service / Services
-- Antibody Humanization Service / Services Description
-- Antibody Chimerizatation Service
-- Mouse Antibody Humanization Service
-- Rabbit Antibody Humanization Service
-- Antibody Fc Engineering Service
-- Antibody Affinity Maturation Service
- Custom Antibody Development Service / Services
-- Custom Antibody Development Service Description
-- Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Development Service
-- Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Development Service
-- Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Development Service
-- ELISA Antibody Development Service
-- Western Blot (WB) Antibody Development Service
-- Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Antibody Development Service
-- Flow Cytometry (FACS / FCM) Antibody Development Service
Protein Production CRO Service
Transient Transfection Service: Mammalian Cell Culture
Molecular Biology CRO Service