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Antibody Chimerization Service

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Antibody Chimerization Service

Antibody Chimerization: we can construct chimeric antibody with combinanation of any VH and Fc listed below
Variable region Species: human, mouse, rat, canine, rhesus, chicken, rabbit, camel
Constant region species: human, mouse, rat, canine, rhesus, rabbit
Constant gene type:
• antibody classes: IgG, IgM, IgA, IgE
IgG isotypes: H - IgG1, IgG2, IgG3, IgG4
• Light Chain Constant Gene: - kappa, lambda
• Allotypes: H - G1m(3), G1m(1,3), G1m(17), G3m(b), G3m(g) etc
L - km1, km1,2, km3
Technology: Antibody Chierization: Chimeric antibody design, Codon optimization
Expression vector construction, Transient transfection
Serum-free cell culture, affinity purification
Host Cells: HEK293 or CHO cell transient transfection for antibody production
Timeline: 4-8 weeks total from receiving gene sequence to antibody delivery
- 1 weeks for gene synthesis
- 1-2 weeks for vector construction and plasmid production
- 2-5 weeks for transient transfection, antibody purification, QC testing
Deliverable: 0.1 – 2 mg purified antibodies (quantities to be specified by customer)
Quality Specification: >95% antibody purity by SDS page (standard order)
- endotoxin and/or monomer purity specifications can be requested with additional charge
Applications: antibody library, antibody engineeg
Quotation: on-line request form or e-mail request to CRO-service@sinobiological.com

Track Records & Key Facts

  • • > 300 Staff
  • • > 80 Bioreactors
  • • > 30 Purification System
  • • > 10,000 Mab Production
  • • > 5000 Protein Bulks
  • • > 5000 antibody development
  • • 1-100mg Mab Production in 3-6 weeks
  • • 1-10 g Mab Production in 6-8 weeks
  • • Preferred CRO Partner for Multiple Top-10 Pharmas

Antibody Chimerization Service Description

Antibody chimerization refers to changing the antibody constant region from one species to another. The early application of such a technology is the chimerization of mouse antibody into mouse-human chimeric antibody to reduce the antibody's immunogenicity as a clinical product in human use. In fact, this technology can be applied in many other situations. For example, one could change a human antibody's constant region into a mouse constant gene and generate a human-mouse chimeric antibody. For the same argument, one could change the constant regions from one species to another, as well as change from one subtype to another subtype within the same species. In theory, all the above stated scenario could all be possible, but practically, making it happen is not as ...... <Learn More>