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WSX-1 Protein (IL-27R, TCCR Protein)

Interleukin-27 Receptor, T Cell Cytokine Receptor

WSX-1 Products

WSX-1 Protein, Recombinant

Molecule Species Description //For Detailed Info. and Price------CLICK! Cat. No
WSX-1/IL-27R Human WSX-1/IL-27R/Fc Protien, Recombinant 10489-H02H

  10489-H02H: Immobilized human IL27 at 20 µg/ml (100 µl/well) can bind human IL27Ra with a linear ranger of 0.064-1.6 µg/ml. Measured by its binding ability in a functional ELISA.

WSX-1 cDNA Clone

Molecule Species Description //For Detailed Info. and Price------CLICK! Cat. No
WSX-1/IL-27R Human Homo sapiens WSX-1/IL-27R cDNA Clone(NM_004843.2) HG10489-M
WSX-1/IL-27R Mouse Mouse IL27RA cDNA Clone MG50096-M
WSX-1/IL-27R Cynomolgus Cynomolgus monkey IL27RA cDNA Clone / ORF Clone CG90129-G

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WSX-1 Alternative Names

WSX1, IL27R, IL27RA, TCCR, CRL1, zcytor1 [Homo sapiens]

WSX-1, IL-27R, Il27ra, Tccr, Wsx1, CRL1, zcytor1 [Mus musculus]

WSX-1 Background

The interleukin-27 receptor is a type I cytokine receptor for interleukin-27. It is a heterodimer composed of the interleukin 27 receptor, alpha subunit and glycoprotein 130. WSX-1/IL-27R, a class I cytokine receptor that is homologous to the β2 chain of the IL-12R in both sequence and structure, is highly expressed by resting/naive CD4+ T cells and CD8+ T cells. WSX-1/IL-27R belongs to the IL-6/IL-12 family of cytokines and induced proliferation of naive CD4(+) T cells and the generation of a Th1-type adaptive immune response. WSX-1/IL-27R functions as a receptor for IL27. IL-27 not only contributes to the development of an adaptive immune response through its action on CD4(+) T cells, it also directly acts on cells of the innate immune system. WSX-1/IL-27R requires IL6ST/gp130 to mediate signal transduction in response to IL27. This signaling system acts through STAT3 and STAT1. It is involved in the regulation of Th1-type immune responses. IL-27R also appears to be involved in innate defense mechanisms. IL27RA is essential for transcriptional activation of STAT1 and for augmenting the induction of T-bet expression during initiation of Th1 cell differentiation.

WSX-1 Related Studies

  1. Pflanz S, et al.. (2004) WSX-1 and glycoprotein 130 constitute a signal-transducing receptor for IL-27. J Immunol. 172(4): 2225-31.
  2. Yoshida H, et al.. (2001) WSX-1 is required for the initiation of Th1 responses and resistance to L. major infection. Immunity. 215(4): 569-78.
  3. Villarino A, et al.. (2003) The IL-27R (WSX-1) is required to suppress T cell hyperactivity during infection. Immunity. 19(5): 645-55.



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