Tai Forest ebolavirus

Taï Forest ebolavirus (CIEBOV / TAFV)belongs to genus Ebolavirus which has other four species including Zaire Ebolavirus( ZEBOV / EBOV);Reston ebolavirus (REBOV / RESTV) and Bundibugyo ebolavirus (BEBOV / BDBV), Sudan eoblavirus (SUDV / SEBOV).Taï Forest ebolavirus is one of four ebolaviruses that causes Ebola virus Disease / Ebola hemorrhagic Fever (EVD / EHF) in humans. It was first found in two dead chimpanzees in Tai Forest in 1994. When they were found, blood within their hearts was brown while the blood would be completely frozen within a dozen hours after death. The organ shape had no change but lungs were filled with blood. Future study revealed that Taï Forest ebolavirus was similar to Zaire ebolavirus and Sudan ebolaviru. After necropsies, a scientist was infected with symptoms like dengue fever. But after treatment, she was fully recovered.

Till now, there is no idea about Taï Forest ebolavirus host. But scientists suspect bat has harbored the virus.

EBOV Viral Molecule
Glycoprotein / EBOV-G
EBOV strain source
Subtype Zaire, strain Mayinga 1976
Subtype Sudan, strain Gulu
Subtype Bundibugyo, strain Bundibugyo 2007
EBOV Infection Receptor
TGF-beta 1 / TGFB1
TGF-beta 2 / TGFB2
TGF-beta 3 / TGFB3
EBOV Infection Associated
ICAM-3 / CD50
TNFA / TNF-alpha
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