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With recombinant DNA or RNA technology,we can obtain a recombinant vector containing a gene fragment which can be translated into a protein of interest, and then transfer the vector into a host cell to express specific protein molecules,which we called the recombinant protein. Recombinant proteins production in vitro mainly includes four systems: prokaryotic protein expression, mammalian cell protein expression, yeast protein expression and insect cell protein expression. Using genetic engineering technology, we can make the cells or animals themselves into a factory of "mass production of drugs."
Protein Products
• Fc Receptor Protein
• IgG-Fc Control Protein
• Cytokine Protein
• Interleukin Protein
• Growth Factor Protein
• Biomarker Protein
• Kinase Protein
• Benzonase Nuclease Protein
• Protease Protein
• Enzyme Protein
• Biological Target Protein
• Diagnostic Protein
• Viral Protein
• Stem Cell Protein
• Epigentic Protein
• Cancer Protein
• Immunotherapy Protein
• CD Molecule Protein
• Receptor Protein
• TNF Superfamily Protein
• B7 Family Protein
• TGF-beta Family Protein
• Special Protein
• Fluorescence Protein
• Cell Therapy protein
• Immune Checkpoint Protein
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