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Services Overview

Services Overview


With multiple advanced technology platforms and large scale capacities, Sino Biological has quickly emerging as a leader in the biology CRO service industry for rapid, high-throughput, and large scale protein and antibody expressions. Our full services from gene sequence to polished product enable us to become a one-stop CRO service provider and a centralized supporting lab for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry worldwide. We serve the worldwide life science research communities, including pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as academic institutions. We offer our customers a comprehensive list of top-quality and cost-effective contract research and development services (CRO Services) at unmatched speed in the industry. We use our commercial product development platform technologies and expertise to support our clients’ basic discovery and pre-clinical research and development.


Five of the top ten international pharmaceutical companies have taken advantages of our advanced platforms and high-quality services to support their drug discovery and biological R&D programs.


Sino Biological Inc has produced/purified hundreds of recombinant antibodies/Fabs and hundreds of recombinant proteins at mg to gram quantity scales.

Our protein and antibody expression services offer unique value unmatched elsewhere in the following aspects:


High Speed:

    5 weeks for 10-100mg purified antibodies starting from gene sequence

     6-8 weeks for 1-10 gram purified antibodies starting from gene sequence

High Throughput:

    Over 100 antibodies per month at 10mg scale

     Hundreds of recombinant protein production per year

Large Scale Production:

    Over 1000L cell culture capacity per week

Highly Efficient Process:

    Antibody and protein expression yield as much as 10-fold higher than some client’s in-house expression yields for difficult to express antibodies and proteins


CRO Services


 Molecular biological services: gene cloning, gene synthesis, mutagenesis, chimeric antibody

 DNA plasmid preparation and production

 Protein and Antibody/Fab Expression and Purification

 Hybridoma one-stop services (antigen production, immunization, hybridoma generation, Mab production, purification, characterization, and assay development)

 IgM Production and Purification (mouse IgM or recombinant IgM)

 Stable cell line development: commercial cell line, GPCR cell line, engineered cell line for functional assay

 Bioanalytical assay services: biological QC assay development and validation, cell based assay and high throughput screening

 Large scale cell culture, fermentation, and purification services


What our Customers Say:

Sweden, University Researcher: FF1AHere is the data about the Ago2 protein I got from you. I am very glad to say that it is highly active, performs very good in in vitro assays and is also stable at 4C for at least for 2 weeks when tested its enzymatic ac