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RAB27B Background

RAB27B is a member of the Rab family GTPases involved in vesicle trafficking.The Rab27 subfamily consists of Rab27a and Rab27b.The human RAB27B gene is organised in six exons, spanning about 69 kb in the chromosome 18q21.1 region.The Rab27 subfamily of Ras-like GTPases is highly conserved in mammals. There is high degree of conservation in sequence and gene structure between RAB27A and RAB27B genes. Exogenous expression of Rab27b in melanocytes results in melanosomal association as observed for Rab27a, suggesting the two Rab27 proteins are functional homologues. As with RAB27A in Griscelli Disease, RAB27B may be also associated with human disease mapping to chromosome 18.