Product Advantages

Capacity & Capability
Milligram level protein production
1000 new proteins made in house per year
2L—2000L bioreactor to ensure high throughput manufacture
Only 4 weeks from gene sequence to protein production
World largest bank of recombinant protein
6000+ proteins are in stock
Multiple species & various tags
Protein advantages
>85% expressed by eukaryotic cells
Bioactivity validated
High purity & low endotoxin
Animal free & carrier free
HPLC Purity SDS-PAGE Purity   VEGF165 Bioactivity PD1 Bioactivity
>97% >96%   Cell (HUVEC) proliferation PD-1 (10377-H03H) bind to PD_L2
TNF-alpha (Cat: GMP-10602-HNAE)  
Custom Protein Production Services

One-stop: gene cloning ->cell culture -> protein purification -> protein characterization
High quality: Proprietary technology and optimized process
Fast turnaround: From gene sequence to purified protein within 4 weeks in HEK293 cells
Low risk: Milestone payments
Rich experience: Over 6000 recombinant proteins, from milligram to gram, have been successfully produced.

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