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Non-Canonical Wnt Pathway

Non-canonical Wnt signaling is defined as Wnt- or Fz-initiated signaling that is independent of β-catenin transcriptional function. Non-canonical Wnt pathways are diverse and in less characterized than canonical Wnt signaling pathway. They are grouped into several categories for clarity and simplicity. Such classifications are not rigid as these pathways likely overlap with or intersect one another and are evolving. Non-canonical Wnt signaling pathways include Wnt-cGMP/Ca2+ signaling, Wnt-ROR2 signaling, Wnt-RYK signaling, Wnt-mTOR signaling, etc.

Non-Canonical Wnt Pathway Related Products

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CaM Kinase II

  • CAMK2D*
  • CAMK2G*

Casein Kinase 1 (CK1)

  • CSNK1D*
  • CSNK1A1L*
  • CSNK1G3*
  • CSNK1E*

JNK (c-Jun N-terminal Kinase)

  • JNK3 / MAPK10*

p38 MAPK


Protein Kinase C (PKC)

  • PKC alpha*
  • PKC beta*
  • PKC epsilon*
  • PKC gamma*
  • PKC zeta*

Other Proteins in non-Canonical Wnt Pathways

  • c-Fos*

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Non-Canonical Wnt Pathway Background

Intracellular signaling of the Wnt pathway diversifies into at least three branches: (1) the β-catenin pathway (canonical Wnt pathway), which activates target genes in the nucleus; (2) the planar cell polarity pathway, which involves jun N-terminal kinase (JNK); and (3) the Wnt/Ca2+ pathway. The last two kinds can be classified into the non-canonical Wnt pathways. In the planar cell polarity pathway, frizzled activates JNK and directs asymmetric cytoskeletal organization and coordinated polarization of cells within the plane of epithelial sheets. This pathway involves the Fmi, Knyand Stbm The Wnt/Ca2+ pathway leads to release of intracellular Ca2+, possibly via G-proteins. This pathway involves activation of PLC and PKC. Elevated Ca2+ can activate the phosphatase calcineurin, which leads to dephosphorylation of the transcription factor NF-AT and its accumulation in the nucleus.

Non-Canonical Wnt Pathway Related Studies

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  2. Yamanaka H, et al. (2002) JNK functions in the non-canonical Wnt pathway to regulate convergent extension movements in vertebrates. Scientific reports. 3(1): 69-75.
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