NGFR (Protein|Antibody|cDNA Clone|ELISA Kit)

All NGFR reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 5 NGFR Antibody, 26 NGFR Gene, 1 NGFR IPKit, 6 NGFR Lysate, 6 NGFR Protein, 2 NGFR qPCR. All NGFR reagents are ready to use.

Recombinant NGFR proteins are expressed by HEK293 Cells with fusion tags as C-human IgG1-Fc, C-His.

NGFR antibodies are validated with different applications, which are ELISA, WB, ICC/IF, IF, IP.

NGFR cDNA clones are full length sequence confirmed and expression validated. There are 13 kinds of tags for each NGFR of different species, especially GFP tag, OFP tag, FLAG tag and so on. There are three kinds of vectors for choice, cloning vector, expression vector and lentivrial expression vector.

NGFR Protein (6)


NGFR Protein, Human, Recombinant (Fc Tag)


Expression host: HEK293 Cells

Human NGFR/P75 Protein 10228

NGFR Protein, Mouse, Recombinant (His Tag)


Expression host: HEK293 Cells

Mouse NGFR/P75 Protein 12000

NGFR Protein, Human, Recombinant (His Tag)


Expression host: HEK293 Cells

Human NGFR/P75 Protein 10229

NGFR Protein, Rabbit, Recombinant (ECD, Fc Tag)


Expression host: HEK293 Cells

Rabbit NGFR/P75 Protein 14121

NGFR Protein, Mouse, Recombinant (Fc Tag)


Expression host: HEK293 Cells

Mouse NGFR/P75 Protein 11999

NGFR Protein, Rabbit, Recombinant (ECD, His Tag)


Expression host: HEK293 Cells

Rabbit NGFR/P75 Protein 15120

NGFR Antibody (5)

Application Clonality

Anti-NGFR Antibody


Specificity: Mouse

Application: ELISA

Clonality: PAb

Anti-NGFR Antibody


Specificity: Rat

Application: WB,ICC/IF,IF

Clonality: PAb

Rat NGFR/P75 Western blot (WB) 18209

Anti-NGFR Antibody


Specificity: Mouse

Application: WB,ELISA

Clonality: MAb

Mouse NGFR/P75 Western blot (WB) 7034

Anti-NGFR Antibody


Specificity: Human

Application: WB,IP

Clonality: PAb

Human NGFR/P75 Immunoprecipitation(IP) 5995

Anti-NGFR Antibody


Specificity: Human

Application: WB,ELISA,ICC/IF,IF,IP

Clonality: PAb

Human NGFR Western blot (WB) 19160

NGFR cDNA Clone (26)


NGFR qPCR Primer (2)

NGFR IP Kit (1)

NGFR Lysate (6)

Nerve growth factor receptors (NGFRs) belong to a large growth factor receptor family. NGFR includes two types of receptors: high-affinity nerve growth factor receptor and low-affinity nerve growth factor receptor. High-affinity nerve growth factor receptor is also referred as Trk familywhose members are bound by some neurotrophins with high affinity. Nerve growth factor binds with TrkA after being released from target cells, the NGF / TrkA complex is subsequently trafficked back to the cell body. The Low-affinity nerve growth factor receptor also named p75 which binds with all kinds of neurotrophins with low affinity. All the four kinds of neurotrophins, including Nerve growth factor, Brain derived neurotrophic factor, Neurotrophin-3, and Neurotrophin-4 bind to the p75. Studies have proved that NGFR acts as a molecular signal swith that determines cell death or survival by three steps. First, pro-nerve growth factor (prNGF) triggers cell apoptosis by its high affinity binding to p75NTR, while NGF induces neuronal survival with low-affinity binding. Second, p75NTR mediates cell death by combining with co-receptor sortilin, whereas it promotes neuronal survival through combination with proNGF. Third, release of the intracellular domain chopper or cleavage short p75 NTR can independently initiate neuronal apoptosis.