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All IGF1R Reagents

Anti-IGF1R Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal antibody) General Information

Product name
Anti-IGF1R Antibody
Validated applications
Species reactivity
Reacts with: Human
Human IGF1R
No cross-reactivity in ELISA with
Human TGFβ1 / TGFbeta-1
Recombinant Human IGF1R protein (Catalog#10164-H08H)
This antibody was obtained from a rabbit immunized with purified, recombinant Human IGF1R / CD221 extracellular domain (rh IGF1R; Catalog#10164-H08H; Met 1-Asn 932; NP_000866.1) .
Monoclonal Rabbit IgG Clone #11
Protein A
0.2 μm filtered solution in PBS
This antibody is shipped as liquid solution at ambient temperature. Upon receipt, store it immediately at the temperature recommended below.
This antibody can be stored at 2℃-8℃ for one month without detectable loss of activity. Antibody products are stable for twelve months from date of receipt when stored at -20℃ to -80℃. Preservative-Free. Sodium azide is recommended to avoid contamination (final concentration 0.05%-0.1%). It is toxic to cells and should be disposed of properly. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

Anti-IGF1R Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal antibody) Validated Applications

Application Dilution Notes
ELISA 1:5000-1:10000  

**********Please Note: Optimal concentrations/dilutions should be determined by the end user.**********

Anti-IGF1R Antibody Alternative Names

Anti-CD221 Antibody;Anti-IGF-I R Antibody;Anti-IGF1 Receptor Antibody;Anti-IGFIR Antibody;Anti-IGFR Antibody;Anti-JTK13 Antibody

IGF1R Background Information

The insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor (IGF1R) is a transmembrane tyrosine kinase involved in several biological processes including cell proliferation, differentiation, DNA repair, and cell survival. This a disulfide-linked heterotetrameric transmembrane protein consisting of two α and two β subunits, and among which, the α subunit is extracellular while the β subunit has an extracellular domain, a transmembrane domain and a cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase domain. IGF1R signalling pathway is activated in the mammalian nervous system from early developmental stages. Its major effect on developing neural cells is to promote their growth and survival. This pathway can integrate its action with signalling pathways of growth and morphogenetic factors that induce cell fate specification and selective expansion of specified neural cell subsets. Modulation of cell migration is another possible role that IGF1R activation may play in neurogenesis. In the mature brain, IGF-I binding sites have been found in different regions of the brain, and multiple reports confirmed a strong neuroprotective action of the IGF-IR against different pro-apoptotic insults. IGF1R is an important signaling molecule in cancer cells and plays an essential role in the establishment and maintenance of the transformed phenotype. Inhibition of IGF1R signaling thus appears to be a promising strategy to interfere with the growth and survival of cancer cells. IGF1R is frequently overexpressed by tumours, and mediates proliferation and apoptosis protection. IGF signalling also influences hypoxia signalling, protease secretion, tumour cell motility and adhesion, and thus can affect the propensity for invasion and metastasis. Therefore, the IGF1R is now an attractive anti-cancer treatment target.Immune Checkpoint   Immunotherapy   Cancer Immunotherapy   Targeted Therapy
Full Name
insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor
  • Bhr C, et al. (2004) The insulin like growth factor-1 receptor (IGF-1R) as a drug target: novel approaches to cancer therapy. Growth Horm IGF Res. 14 (4): 287-95.
  • Riedemann J, et al. (2006) IGF1R signalling and its inhibition. Endocr Relat Cancer. 13 Suppl 1: 33-43.
  • Gualco E, et al. (2009) IGF-IR in neuroprotection and brain tumors. Front Biosci. 14: 352-75.
  • Annenkov A. (2009) The insulin-like growth factor (IGF) receptor type 1 (IGF1R) as an essential component of the signalling network regulating neurogenesis. Mol Neurobiol. 40 (3): 195-215.
  • Product Description Host Clonality Application Catalog# (PDF)
    Anti-IGF1R Antibody Rabbit Polyclonal ELISA 10164-RP01
    Anti-IGF1R Antibody Rabbit Polyclonal ELISA 10164-RP02
    Anti-IGF1R Antibody Rabbit Monoclonal FCM,ICC/IF,IF 10164-R012
    Anti-IGF1R Antibody (FITC) Rabbit Monoclonal FCM 10164-R012-F
    Anti-IGF1R Antibody (PE) Rabbit Monoclonal FCM 10164-R012-P
    Anti-IGF1R Antibody Mouse Monoclonal ELISA(Cap) 10164-MM07
    Anti-IGF1R Antibody Mouse Monoclonal ELISA 10164-MM04
    Anti-IGF1R Antibody (APC) Rabbit Monoclonal FCM 10164-R012-A
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