Ferritin light chain ELISA Kit, Human

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Ferritin light chain ELISA Kit, Human General Information

Product name
Ferritin light chain ELISA Kit, Human
Assay type
Solid Phase Sandwich ELISA (quantitative)
Sample type
10.47 pg/mL
Assay range
62.5-4000 pg/mL
Recognizes both recombinant and natural Human Ferritin light chain
  Intra-assay Precision
Sample 1 2 3
N 20 20 20
Mean(pg/mL) 539.45 1,060.48 2,070.38
SD 14.30 33.85 78.56
CV(%) 2.7% 3.2% 3.8%
  Inter-assay Precision
Sample 1 2 3
N 20 20 20
Mean(pg/mL) 479.23 905.60 1,904.62
SD 43.09 91.65 218.18
CV(%) 9.0% 10.1% 11.5%
The recovery of Human FTL spiked to different levels throughout the range of the assay in related matrices was evaluated.
Sample Average % Recovery Range
serum (n=3) 91 81 -96%
  Recovery of detected
1:2 98%
1:4 97%
1:8 99%
1:16 101%
Materials provided
1. 96 well microplate coated with Capture Antibody
2. Detection Antibody conjugated to HRP
3. Standards
4. Wash Buffer Concentrate
5. Dilution Buffer Concentrate
6. Color Reagent A
7. Color Reagent B
8. Stop Solution
Product overview
This Ferritin light chain ELISA Kit, Human is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the quantitative measurement of Human Ferritin light chain protein in Serum . It contains recombinant Human Ferritin light chain, and antibodies raised against the recombinant protein. This ELISA kit is complete and ready-to-use.
This ELISA Kit is shipped at ambient temperature.
Unopened Kit: Store at 2 - 8℃
Opened/Reconstituted Reagents: Please refer to CoA

Ferritin light chain ELISA Kit, Human Images

Human FTL/ferritin, light polypeptide ELISA Kit Standard Curve 115
This standard curve is only for demonstration purposes. A standard curve should be generated for each assay.

Ferritin light chain ELISA Kit, Human Alternative Names

LFTD ELISA Kit, Human;MGC71996 ELISA Kit, Human;NBIA3 ELISA Kit, Human

Ferritin light chain Background Information

Ferritin, light polypeptide (FTL) is the light subunit of the ferritin protein. Ferritin is the major intracellular iron storage protein in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. It is composed of 24 subunits of the heavy and light ferritin chains. Storage of iron in the tissues occurs in the form of ferritin and hemosiderin. The latter originates from ferritin that has undergone intracellular digestion of its protein shell, leaving the iron core. Ferritin and hemosiderin are components of a continuum. Ferritin has been identified in all types of living organisms: animals, plants, molds, and bacteria. Whithin the protein shell of ferritin, iron is first oxidized to the ferric state for storage as ferric oxyhdroxide. Thus, ferritin removes excess iron from the cell sap where it could otherwise participate in peroxidation mechanisms.
Full Name
ferritin, light polypeptide
  • Munro HN, et al. (1988) The ferritin genes: structure, expression, and regulation. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 526: 113-23.
  • Zhang Y, et al. (2008) Comparative proteomic analysis of human placenta derived from assisted reproductive technology. Proteomics. 8 (20): 4344-56.
  • Lebo RV, et al. (1986) Human ferritin light chain gene sequences mapped to several sorted chromosomes. Hum Genet. 71 (4): 325-8.
  • Product Description Assay Range (pg/ml) Sample Type Catalog# (PDF)
    Ferritin light chain Matched ELISA Antibody Pair Set,Human 46.88 pg/ml SEK12428
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