Frizzled 2 (Protein|Antibody|cDNA Clone|ELISA Kit)

All Frizzled 2 reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 14 Frizzled 2 Gene, 1 Frizzled 2 Lysate, 1 Frizzled 2 Protein, 1 Frizzled 2 qPCR. All Frizzled 2 reagents are ready to use.

Recombinant Frizzled 2 proteins are expressed by HEK293 Cells with fusion tags as N-human IgG1-Fc.

Frizzled 2 cDNA clones are full length sequence confirmed and expression validated. There are 13 kinds of tags for each Frizzled 2 of different species, especially GFP tag, OFP tag, FLAG tag and so on. There are three kinds of vectors for choice, cloning vector, expression vector and lentivrial expression vector.

Frizzled 2 Protein (1)


Frizzled 2 Protein, Mouse, Recombinant (Fc Tag)


Expression host: HEK293 Cells

Mouse Frizzled-2/FZD2 Protein 6349

Frizzled 2 cDNA Clone (14)


Frizzled 2 qPCR Primer (1)

Frizzled 2 Lysate (1)

FZD2 may be a tumor suppressor gene in salivary adenoid cystic carcinomas (SACCs) that inhibits cell growth and migration. OMOD2 is a rare skeletal dysplasia and characterized by facial dysmorphism and shortness of the upper extremities and first metacarpal bones, and heterozygous FZD2 mutations may be disease-causing for OMOD2. heterozygous de novo mutation (G434V) in the frizzled class receptor 2 (FZD2) gene in a patient with distinct facial features including hypertelorism, bilateral cleft lip/palate, short nose with a broad nasal bridge, microretrognathia, and bilateral shortness of the upper limbs,