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Anti-FGFR3 Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal antibody) General Information
Product name
Anti-FGFR3 Antibody
Validated applications
Species reactivity
Reacts with: Mouse
Mouse FGFR3
Recombinant Mouse FGFR3 / CD333 protein (Catalog#50071-M08H)
This antibody was obtained from a rabbit immunized with purified, recombinant Mouse FGFR3 / CD333 (rM FGFR3 / CD333; Catalog#50071-M08H; NP_032036.2; Met1-Tyr367).
Monoclonal Rabbit IgG Clone #046
Protein A
0.2 μm filtered solution in PBS
This antibody is shipped as liquid solution at ambient temperature. Upon receipt, store it immediately at the temperature recommended below.
This antibody can be stored at 2℃-8℃ for one month without detectable loss of activity. Antibody products are stable for twelve months from date of receipt when stored at -20℃ to -80℃. Preservative-Free. Sodium azide is recommended to avoid contamination (final concentration 0.05%-0.1%). It is toxic to cells and should be disposed of properly. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Anti-FGFR3 Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal antibody) Validated Applications
Application Dilution Notes
ELISA 1:5000-1:10000  
ELISA(Det) 1:1000-1:10000 This antibody will detect Mouse FGFR3 / CD333 in ELISA pair set (Catalog: # SEK50071). In a sandwich ELISA, it can be used as detection antibody when paired with (Catalog: # 50071-R042).

**********Please Note: Optimal concentrations/dilutions should be determined by the end user.**********

Anti-FGFR3 Antibody Alternative Names
Anti-CD333 Antibody;Anti-Fgfr-3 Antibody;Anti-Flg-2 Antibody;Anti-FR3 Antibody;Anti-HBGFR Antibody;Anti-Mfr3 Antibody;Anti-sam3 Antibody
FGFR3 Background Information

FGFR3, also known as CD333, is a member of the fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR) family, with its amino acid sequence being highly conserved between members and among divergent species. FGFR family members differ from one another in their ligand affinities and tissue distribution. FGFRs are transmembrane catalytic receptors that have intracellular tyrosine kinase activity. Mutations in FGFR genes are the cause of several human developmental disorders characterized by skeletal abnormalities such as achondroplasia, and upregulation of FGFR expression may lead to cell transformation and cancer. FGFR3, a full-length representative protein would consist of an extracellular region, composed of three immunoglobulin-like domains, a single hydrophobic membrane-spanning segment and a cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase domain. The extracellular portion of FGFR3 interacts with fibroblast growth factors, setting in motion a cascade of downstream signals, ultimately influencing mitogenesis and differentiation. FGFR3 binds acidic and basic fibroblast growth hormone and plays a role in bone development and maintenance. Mutations in FGFR3 gene lead to craniosynostosis and multiple types of skeletal dysplasia. Three alternatively spliced transcript variants that encode different protein isoforms have been described. CD333 is the receptor for acidic and basic fibroblast growth factors.

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Full Name
fibroblast growth factor receptor 3
  • Keegan K, et al. (1991) Isolation of an additional member of the fibroblast growth factor receptor family, FGFR-3. Proc Natl Acad Sci. 88(4):1095-9.
  • Hafner C, et al. (2007) FGFR3 mutations in epidermal nevi and seborrheic keratoses: lessons from urothelium and skin. J Invest Dermatol. 127(7):1572-3.
  • Lamy A, et al. (2006) Molecular profiling of bladder tumors based on the detection of FGFR3 and TP53 mutations. J Urol. 176(6 Pt 1):2686-9.
  • Schweitzer DN, et al. (2001) Subtle radiographic findings of achondroplasia in patients with Crouzon syndrome with acanthosis nigricans due to an Ala391Glu substitution in FGFR3. Am J Med Genet. 98 (1):75-91.
  • Product Description Host Clonality Application Catalog# (PDF)
    Anti-FGFR3 Antibody Rabbit Polyclonal WB,ELISA,IHC-P 90313-T48
    Anti-FGFR3 Antibody Rabbit Monoclonal ELISA(Cap) 50071-R042
    Anti-FGFR3 Antibody Rabbit Polyclonal ELISA 50071-T16
    Anti-FGFR3 Antibody Rabbit Polyclonal ELISA 50071-RP01
    Anti-FGFR3 Antibody Rabbit Polyclonal ELISA 16486-RP01
    Anti-FGFR3 Antibody Mouse Monoclonal IHC-P 100550-MM07
    Anti-FGFR3 Antibody Rabbit Polyclonal ELISA 16044-T16
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