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Ebola virus  Nucleoprotein / Ebola virus NP

Ebola virus  Nucleoprotein / Ebola virus NP Protein & Antibody


Ebola virus Nucleoprotein / Ebola virus NP Background

The EBOV NP, which contains 739 or 738 amino acid (aa) residues, is the largest nucleoprotein of the nonsegmented negative-stranded RNA viruses. When expressed alone in mammalian cells, it forms a helical structure of 20 nm in diameter; however, it will assemble into nucleocapsid-like structures of 50 nm in diameter when co-expressed with VP24 and VP35. The lack of the NP helix will lead to the failure of the nucleocapsid-like structure. Thus, NP helix is believed to be the core structure of the nucleocapsid. The conserved hydrophobic N-terminal 450aa is important for the conformation of both structures; it participates in the NP–NP interaction in the helices and the RNA binding in nucleocapsids by interacting with the phosphodiester backbone of the nucleic acid. Moreover, there is interaction between NP and VP40 since these two proteins can form virus-like particles (VLPs) when co-expressed together in cultured cells. The strong antigenicity of NP is confined to its hydrophilic C-terminal half. Regions aa 421-440 and aa 601-620 are highly conserved linear epitopes, aa 521-540 and aa 601-620 partial conformational epitope, and aa 491-510, aa 611-630 and aa 630-650 species-specific epitopes. Antigen-capture ELISA and recombinant protein-based diagnostic systems for ebola hemorrhagic fever can be developed, based on NP protein and antibodies to NP, respectively. Furthermore, some diagnostic tests demonstrate high sensitivity and specificity.

Ebola virus Nucleoprotein / Ebola virus NP Related Studies

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