ELK1 (Protein|Antibody|cDNA Clone|ELISA Kit)

All ELK1 reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 1 ELK1 Gene, 1 ELK1 Lysate, 1 ELK1 Protein. All ELK1 reagents are ready to use.

Recombinant ELK1 proteins are expressed by Baculovirus-Insect Cells with fusion tags as N-GST & His.

ELK1 cDNA clones are full length sequence confirmed and expression validated. There are 13 kinds of tags for each ELK1 of different species, especially GFP tag, OFP tag, FLAG tag and so on. There are three kinds of vectors for choice, cloning vector, expression vector and lentivrial expression vector.

ELK1 Protein (1)


ELK1 Protein, Human, Recombinant (His & GST Tag)


Expression host: Baculovirus-Insect Cells

Human ELK1 Protein 10099

ELK1 cDNA Clone (1)


ELK1 Lysate (1)

E twenty-six (ETS)-like transcription factor 1, also known as Elk1 or Member of ETS oncogene family (ELK1), is a member of the ETS oncogene superfamily which is characterized by a common protein domain that regulates DNA binding to target sequences. Elk1 is expressed in the nuclei of non-neuronal cells and function as a transcription activator. It plays important roles in various contexts, including long-term memory formation, drug addiction, Alzheimer's disease, Down syndrome, breast cancer, and depression.