Anti-Cathepsin A Antibody

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All Cathepsin A Reagents
Anti-Cathepsin A Antibody (Rabbit Polyclonal antibody) General Information
Product name
Anti-Cathepsin A Antibody
Validated applications
Species reactivity
Reacts with: Human
Human Cathepsin A
Recombinant Human CTSA protein (Catalog#10482-H08H)
Produced in rabbits immunized with purified, recombinant Human CTSA (rh CTSA; Catalog#10482-H08H; NP_001121167.1; Met 1-Tyr 480). CTSA specific IgG was purified by human CTSA affinity chromatography .
Polyclonal Rabbit IgG
Protein A & Antigen Affinity
0.2 μm filtered solution in PBS with 5% trehalose
This antibody is shipped as liquid solution at ambient temperature. Upon receipt, store it immediately at the temperature recommended below.
This antibody can be stored at 2℃-8℃ for one month without detectable loss of activity. Antibody products are stable for twelve months from date of receipt when stored at -20℃ to -80℃. Preservative-Free. Sodium azide is recommended to avoid contamination (final concentration 0.05%-0.1%). It is toxic to cells and should be disposed of properly. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Anti-Cathepsin A Antibody (Rabbit Polyclonal antibody) Validated Applications
Application Dilution Notes
ELISA 1:1000-1:2000  

**********Please Note: Optimal concentrations/dilutions should be determined by the end user.**********

Anti-Cathepsin A Antibody Alternative Names
Anti-GLB2 Antibody;Anti-GSL Antibody;Anti-NGBE Antibody;Anti-PPCA Antibody;Anti-PPGB Antibody
Cathepsin A Background Information

Lysosomal carboxypeptidase, cathepsin A (protective protein, CathA), is a component of the lysosomal multienzyme complex along with beta-galactosidase (GAL) and sialidase Neu1, where it activates Neu1 and protects GAL and Neu1 against the rapid proteolytic degradation. Cathepsin A is a multicatalytic enzyme with deamidase and esterase in addition to carboxypeptidase activities. It was recently identified in human platelets as deamidase. In vitro, it hydrolyzes a variety of bioactive peptide hormones including tachykinins, suggesting that extralysosomal cathepsin A plays a role in regulation of bioactive peptide functions. It is a member of the alpha/beta hydrolase fold family and has been suggested to share a common ancestral relationship with other alpha/beta hydrolase fold enzymes, such as cholinesterases. Cathepsin A defects are linked to multiple forms of Galactosialidosis with a combined secondary deficiency of beta-galactosidase and neuraminidase. Cathepsin A is a key molecule in the onset of galactosialidosis and also highlight the therapeutic acts in vivo as an endothelin-1-inactivating enzyme and strongly confirm a crucial role of this enzyme in effective elastic fiber formation.

Full Name
cathepsin A
  • Hiraiwa M. (1999) Cathepsin A/protective protein: an unusual lysosomal multifunctional protein. Cell Mol Life Sci. 56(11-12): 894-907.
  • Yoshida T, et al. (2006) Comparative analysis of binding energy of chymostatin with human cathepsin A and its homologous proteins by molecular orbital calculation. J Chem Inf Model. 46(5): 2093-103.
  • Seyrantepe V, et al. (2008) Enzymatic activity of lysosomal carboxypeptidase (cathepsin) A is required for proper elastic fiber formation and inactivation of endothelin-1. Circulation. 117(15): 1973-81.
  • Product Description Host Clonality Application Catalog# (PDF)
    Anti-Cathepsin A Antibody Rabbit Monoclonal ELISA 50348-R108
    Anti-Cathepsin A Antibody Rabbit Polyclonal ELISA 50348-RP02
    Anti-Cathepsin A Antibody Rabbit Polyclonal ELISA 50348-RP01
    Anti-Cathepsin A Antibody Rabbit Polyclonal WB,ELISA,IP 50348-T52
    Anti-Cathepsin A Antibody Rabbit Monoclonal ELISA,ICC/IF,IF 10482-R104
    Anti-Cathepsin A Antibody Rabbit Polyclonal ELISA 10482-RP01
    Anti-Cathepsin A Antibody Mouse Monoclonal ELISA 10482-MM02
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