RAIDD (Protein|Antibody|cDNA Clone|ELISA Kit)

All RAIDD reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 2 RAIDD Antibody, 1 RAIDD IPKit, 1 RAIDD Protein. All RAIDD reagents are ready to use.

Recombinant RAIDD proteins are expressed by E. coli with fusion tags as C-His.

RAIDDantibodies are validated with different applications, which are WB, ELISA, IHC-P, ICC/IF, IF, IP.

RAIDD Protein (1)


RAIDD Protein, Human, Recombinant (His Tag)


Expression host: E. coli

Human CRADD/RAIDD Protein 10132

RAIDD Antibody (2)

Application Clonality

Anti-RAIDD Antibody


Application: ELISA

Clonality: PAb

Anti-RAIDD Antibody



Clonality: PAb

Human CRADD/RAIDD Western blot (WB) 15666

RAIDD IP Kit (1)

Death domain-containing protein CRADD, also known as Caspase and RIP adapter with death domain, RIP-associated protein with a death domain, CRADD and RAIDD, is a protein which is constitutively expressed in most tissues, with particularly high expression in adult heart, testis, liver, skeletal muscle, fetal liver and kidney. CRADD / RAIDD contains one CARD domain and one death domain. CRADD / RAIDD contains a death domain involved in the binding of RIP protein. The CARD domain mediates the interaction with caspase-2. FADD / MORT1 is a death domain (DD)-containing adaptor / signaling molecule that interacts with the intracellular DD of FAS / APO-I ( CD95 ) and tumor necrosis factor receptor 1 and the prodomain of caspase-8 ( Mch5 / MACH / FLICE). CRADD / RAIDD has a dual-domain structure similar to that of FADD. CRADD / RAIDD has an NH2-terminal caspase homology domain that interacts with caspase-2 and a COOH-terminal DD that interacts with RIP. CRADD / RAIDD could play a role in regulating apoptosis in mammalian cells. CRADD / RAIDD is a apoptotic adaptor molecule specific for caspase-2 and FASL / TNF receptor-interacting protein RIP. In the presence of RIP and TRADD, CRADD / RAIDD recruits caspase-2 to the TNFR-1 signalling complex.