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CHO Transient Transfection Platform

Sino Biological Inc.

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Sino Biological has developed one of the most advanced and efficient CHO transient transfection technologies, where all key expertise such as protein-free cell culture medium, vector optimization, and large-scale production developed in-house. This proprietary technology platform can be applied for recombinant protein or antibody expression, at small or large scales, in suspension or in attachment cell cultures. Our efficient transient transfection capabilities in CHO cells make it possible to produce large quantity of antibodies or proteins with similar glycosylation profiles as those produced in stable CHO cells.

Our state-of-the-art mammalian cell transient expression technology allows us to offer high-quality production of glycosylated and active recombinant proteins and antibodies at record speed, in high throughput, and at affordable cost. Hundreds of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins have been successfully produced by our transient mammalian cell expression technologies. Moreover, we have successfully produced difficult-to-express proteins and antibodies that clients’ in-house experts and/or US-based prominent CROs had failed to produce.

Sino Biological has over 50 large scale bioreactors and 10 sets of purification units. We have been continuously expanding production capacity to ensure no lead time for any customer project.

The combination of an industry leading technology with large scale cell culture capability enables us to produce gram quantities of antibodies within weeks. We have been routinely producing recombinant antibodies at multiple gram quantities by transient CHO transfection within weeks, which is much faster than any stable CHO cell line approaches. Our purified antibodies and proteins can fully meet quality requirements for in vivo animal testing.

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