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CD122 Protein (IL-2RB Protein)

Cluster of Differentiation 122 (Interleukin 2 Receptor beta)

CD122 Products

CD122 Protein, Recombinant

Molecule Species Description //For Detailed Info. and Price------CLICK! Cat. No
CD122/IL-2RB Human CD122/IL-2RB/Fc Protein, Recombinant 10696-H02H
CD122/IL-2RB Human CD122/IL-2RB Protein, Recombinant 10696-HCCH

CD122 cDNA Clone

Molecule Species Description //For Detailed Info. and Price------CLICK! Cat. No
CD122/IL-2RB Human Homo sapiens CD122/ IL-2RB cDNA Clone(NM_000878.2) HG10696-M
CD122/IL-2RB Mouse Mouse CD122/IL2RB cDNA Clone / ORF Clone MG50792-G
CD122/IL-2RB Canine Canine IL2RB Gene cDNA Clone / ORF Clone DG70082-G
CD122/IL-2RB Rat Rat IL2RB cDNA Clone / ORF Clone RG80340-G

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CD122 Alternative Names

CD122, IL-2RB, IL2RB, RP5-1170K4.6, P70-75

CD122 Background

Interleukin-2 receptor (IL-2R) also known as High affinity IL-2 receptor subunit beta, IL-2 receptor subunit beta, and IL-2RB, is involved in T cell-mediated immune responses. CD122/IL-2RB is present in 3 forms with respect to ability to bind interleukin 2. The low affinity form is a monomer of the alpha subunit and is not involved in signal transduction. The intermediate affinity form consists of an alpha/beta subunit heterodimer, while the high affinity form consists of an alpha/beta/gamma subunit heterotrimer. Both the intermediate and high affinity forms of CD122/IL-2RB are involved in receptor-mediated endocytosis and transduction of mitogenic signals from interleukin 2. CD122/IL-2RB expression was restricted to the earliest B220+ cells (CD43+CD24-; prepro B cells; fraction A) that proliferate vigorously to IL-2 in the absence of any stromal cells, but not to IL-15. The high-affinity form of this receptor is expressed on activated T lymphocytes, activated B lymphocytes, and activated macrophages. CD122/IL-2RB plays a role in regulating normal lymphocyte development.

CD122 Related Studies

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